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Dec 14, 2007 07:01 AM

Senses- what to order?

Going to senses tonight with my boyfriend for my birthday. Any recomendations on what to order?

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    1. re: HarryLloyd

      Excellent! Been meaning to post a review, but have been busy this weekend with the birthday festivities.
      Room: beautiful spacious, not loud or hectic at all. There was a large party in the other room but I didnt even notice it until we were leaving so I was happy about that (I hate when large parties are laughing and hollering at eachother when you're trying to have a nice evening).. Our coats were graceously taken and we were taken to a lovely table in the corner. I liked the tall ceilings and the beautiful large pieces of artwork on the wall. The bar nextdoor looked very interesting as well, I will definetly check that out next time I just want to go out for a drink.
      Service: very attentive and informative. Our server knew alot about the preparation of the dishes and made good recomendations for pairing wine with my meal. One little detail I thought was cute was that when the hostess sat us and went to put the cloth on our laps she noticed I was wearing a black skirt and so she brought me a black cloth for my lap instead, i guess so no white threads would get onto my skirt (?)
      Food: We were first brought a nice little amuse which was a stuffed quails leg. It was very nice (I cant recall what it was stuffed with) but it was a bit hard to eat so I really only got about 1/4 of a bite of meat before giving up on cutting it off the bone.
      To drink I had a lovely niagara riesling, recomended by our server (Im sorry I didnt check which) , but it had a lovely citrus flavour that complemented by fish nicely. My boyfriend had a beer and we also had sparking water which I wanted to mention because I liked that they kept the sparking water in a chilled ice bucket away from the table as apposed to just keeping the bottle on the table like most restaurants do. I always find that half way through my meal when they refill the glass, the water is no longer cold and I hate warm sparkling water.
      Okay, next course. For apps, my boyfriend had a trio of ahi tuna, all served with different sauces or accompaniments. I only had a little bite of one of the three (I think it was a wasabi type paste on this one), but it was very nice and my boyfriend absolutely loved it, claiming he " could eat a whole meal of it". I had something a little more simple, it was a clear meatball soup.. I was presented with a bowl with a single (large-ish) pork meatball which was stuffed with crab inside. The broth was served in a separate glass and the server poured the broth into the bowl infront of me. It was a very nice light way to start the meal, it was a very delicious meatball, though I must admit I didnt really taste much of the crab, perhaps the pork just overpowered it a bit. But the broth was very nice, not salty at all like I find most soups.
      For mains, my boyfriend had a delicious venison served with grilled veg and an amazing pumpkin chestnut puree. MMM.. I had a coupel bites of this and it was truly one of the best dishes Ive ever had in a restaurant. Very lean meat, and when combined with the puree it was perfect. I could have probably eaten a whole bowl of the puree alone. I had a very simple big mouth bass filet served with a vegetable slaw and on top of some type of thick creamy sauce. I loved the fish, it was grilled perfectly, but the menu didnt say anytign about the cream sauce (which is why I dont even know what it was exactly) and Im lactose intolerant so I tried to eat around that. That was the only disapointment of the night I suppose.
      For dessert, we split a beautiful plum tatin with a cinnamon creme fraise and vanilla icecream. I basically ate the whole thing haha it was a perfect fruity winter dessert and it didnt leave me feeling stuffed at the end either. When we were brought our bill, we were brought 2 adorable "macaroons", one vanilla and one chocolate. They werent really macaroons, they were actually 2 VERY light cookies (like almost meranges) with some creamy icing between them and then rolled in coconut. MMM.. amazing, I would love to check out the bakery to see if they sell them.
      So, for a bottle of sparking water, a glass of wine, a beer, 2 apps, 2 mains and a dessert , I believe (I just caught a liiiittle glipse of the bill) , it was only about 170$ after tax, before tip. I thought it was well worth it and I would love to go back!

      1. re: hungryabbey

        abbey, the type of cookie that you're trying to identify is actually a macaron (notice the single o) which is a french meringue type cookie usually made with almond flour/dust. iv'e had a difficult time finding good versions on this side of the pond but they senses version is certainly not bad.

        i'm impressed with the service, it seems very american and in line with my best meal ever thus far. i'm certainly tempted to try them. now if only i could find a resto in TO with the service foresight to offer a trolley of sweets to take home.

        edit: here's a blog posting about making macarons which can be difficult but i've fared well with it. the creamy icing is usually just a basic buttercream frosting.

        some photos of parisian macarons in their absolute perfection.

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          ohhhhh thank you pinestripe, how silly of me. When I think of macaron's I think of those coconut cookies. Thank you for the lesson!! They are amazing, and I will definetly have to try to create them myself. Thanks!