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Dec 14, 2007 07:00 AM

Sparkling Red

My mom and I had a wonderful - local - sparkling red wine in Rome a few months ago - and I know I will never find anything like it here, but thought I would give it a shot. It was sparkling - and red - although I cannot remember which grape. It was slightly sweet - but not very. Sooooo good. Any ideas? ( I have tried The Black Chook sparkling shiraz - which is good.)

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  1. Could have been a Lambrusco. Even if it wasn't, that's the sparkling Italian red you're most likely to find in North America.

    1. If it were local while in Roma, it wasn't Lambrusco--that's from Emilia Romagna. Ergo, it wasn't Brachetto, which is from Piedmonte.

      Roma is in the center of Lazio. The local DOC wines that are made in frizzante (sparkling) style are the Cesanese wines (Piglio, Affile, Olevano Romano) and Circeo.

      1. One that has been a hit with myself and all of my wine drinking pals~ Paringa Sparkling Shiraz. Very festive, perfect for the holidays!

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          I think that one is great too! Much better price too than some of the other sparkling Shiraz...

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            The other day I had Omni Sparkling Shiraz -- liked it very much. It's $11.99 at Total Wine in Northern Virginia.

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              I have had that one too - very good!

        2. Aliancia (not sure of the spelling) makes a Portuguese Sparkling Red. Very enjoyable (in my opinion).

          1. I wonder if maybe it was a wine that was not local? I have seen many places in Rome serve Brachetto even though it is not from the area. Have you tried Rosa Regale? Not the best Brachetto but widely available...