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Dec 14, 2007 06:05 AM

Anyone made BonAppetite's Dessert of the Year - Choc Pudding Pie

This pie on the cover of the January issue. The recipe calls for chocolate "wafer" cookies which I presume to mean those that come in a 3-pack of brown (choc), yellow (vanilla?) and pink (heaven's only knows) - I found all-choc at TJ's. Anyway the picture makes the crust look a very dark brown almost like an Oreo crust but wouldn't that be a sandwich cookie? If anyone's made I'd love your advice.

Also a butter question. I was seduced by the great price at Costco and didn't realize I wasn't buying unsalted butter which every recipe I make calls for. So, for example for this pie, the crust directions call for unsalted butter but the filling calls for 1/8 tea of salt. Do you think I can omit salt in the filling but use the salted butter in the crust? Otherwise I'll have to unload this butter on eBay!

Thanks so much and happy holiday cooking.

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  1. There is a chocolate cookie in a small package (Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers) that is used for frozen desserts, I believe this is the cookie? They are harder to find now in the supermarket.

    Yup, I do that all the time, i.e., omit the salt if I only have unsalted butter.

    Can you share the recipe?

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      Yup, it's sort of confusing but there are two different kinds of cookies called wafers -- the cream-filled layered ones you're thinking of, and small crunchy discs (think Nilla Wafers). The latter, which taste like the chocolate part of the Oreo, are the ones used for crusts.

      If you are a TJ's fan, the Chocolate Cats cookies might be a good substitute. Or, you could actually use Oreos (or Jo-Jo's) -- you don't have to remove the filling, just grind them up.

    2. I made this pie and it was very good. I would consider making the pudding on it's own and serve it with a dollop of the cream/creme fraishe topping.

      I found the cookies (Famous Chocolate Wafers like Dolores says) in a local supermarket. If memory serves it calles for 5 TBS melted butter to be mixed with a cup of the cookie crumbs. To me it turned out too wet and I would reduce the butter to 4 TBS next time. It says to bake the crust for about 12 minutes till it no longer looks moist. I baked it for 20 minutes and it still looked moist. Also the sides of the crust had melted down till the it was completely flat in the bottom of the pie dish. I was able to tease it back up the sides while it was still hot though and it turned out fine. Really good chocolate flavor throughout. My daughter is coming home from school next week and I'm going to make one for her with some minor modifications to the crust.

      As to the salt and butter, do not omit the salt in the pudding mix. That tiny bit of salt makes all the difference in the taste of the pudding that won't be made up with the added salt in the crust. Salted butter, depending on the producer, can have up to 1/2 tsp of salt in a stick (4 oz) so the butter in the crust may have as much as 1/4 tsp. In the grand scheme of things that's not too bad and I would go ahead with the Costco butter - this time! Keeping in mind that the quality of the ingredients going into a dish will affect the quality of the finished product.

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      1. Here we have Oreo crumbs you can buy in boxes but they are just the chocolate wafer made into the crumbs, no filling.

        Thanks so much! I saw the Bon Appetit edition at the supermarket and was very curious about the pie. I will be making it soon :o)

        1. The bottom of my crust was rock hard too. Tasty but you definately need to be careful the piece of pie doen't fly off the plate when you try to break it with your fork. The sides weren't as hard so I wondered if the hardness came from the layer of chocolate on the crust??

          1. re: JockY

            My earlier post w/the recipe was deleted. I need to figure out how to link to the recipe which I'll do tomorrow but in the meantime, here were my comments so the above 2 responses will make some sense. Jocky, I feel so much better that you had the same problem w/the crust. I'm going to do this again w/different crumbs and figure it out. I think I'm a better cook than baker as cooking can be more "whatever" than baking.

            My earlier deleted post sans recipe...
            First off, you guys completely saved me w/your suggestion about what kind of cookie. Thank you. In my Friday night haste I could only go to Vons and all I could find was Tuxedos (the chocolate Oreos). I had the same experience as jocky (above) w/my first crust batch - it was too moist and pooled in the bottom of the pie plate. I figured that the creme filling in the cookie was the culprit so I made the 2nd batch w/less butter. Same result but I too coaxed the crust up the sides after baking. The rest of the process was easy - just a note the filling doesn't thicken up til the very end of the 5 mins so don't panic.

            I thought the end result was good, but I'm not a big pudding person so if I hadn't seen it on the cover of Bon Appetite, I'd say this came off as pretty unelegant - like a recipe on the back of a Kraft box. The crust never worked but I'd definitely try again. It was rock hard and not crumbly. Next time I'll allow enough time to find the right cookies sans creme filling.

            On a more positive note, I made a corn and crab chowder also from the Jan issue of Bon Appetite that was easy, delicious and so sophisticated that my husband took a pic before we sat down. If that recipe not on Epicurious tell me. I have to figure out how to not have to cut and paste! As ever, thanks so much for your help. I always say the Chowhound home cooking board is like having sisters.
            Merry, merry.

            1. re: mocro

              I make this cookie crumb crust for a killer cocnut cream pie using animal crackers (from Cooks Illustrated) and I thought of modifying it to work with this recipe. The essence of this one is chocolate after all.

              1. re: JockY

                Does everyone have a hard time finding Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers? I know I do, and isn't this the cookie required for the crust?

                1. re: dolores

                  You can use the Oreo Cookie crumbs that are usually stocked next to the graham cracker crumbs in the baking aisle.

                  1. re: TorontoJo

                    Aaagghh - the baking aisle - of course.

                  2. re: dolores

                    No, my local Safeway in S.F. carries Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers....

              2. re: JockY

                I made this over TG weekend, using those super-thin chocolate wafers you can buy at the store. I forget the brand, but they crumble easily and are quite a bit drier than Oreos.

                As I recall, I actually had to add a little extra melted butter. Then, I was careful to bake the crust only about 12-13 minutes, because it looked like it had a high sugar content in it (from the wafers) and overbaking could lead to hardening. I think that's probably what happened to the posters who reported their crusts turned out hard. Mine was easy to cut with a fork, more or less like a cookie crust for a cheesecake.

                This dessert had an excellent flavor and texture, but whoa! what a sugar rush it was. One piece kept me wide awake, heart pounding, half the night. The next day I ate a smaller piece and I was awake only 1/4 of the night.

                1. re: Mr. Cookie

                  More butter, eh? That's interesting. I guess I was thown off by the instruction to "bake till it no longer looks moist". But baking it as long as I did would certainly explain the hardness.

                  Thank you