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Jan 5, 2000 09:31 PM

Italian in West L.A. or the South Bay . . .

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I'm always looking for casual but good Italian restuarants in West Los Angeles or the South Bay.

I'm not looking for expense account places, just neighborhood places that have good food, prepared with reasonable care, at prices that are affordable.

Any pointers to local favorites would be appreciated!



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  1. Try Alejo's Presto Trattoria.4002 or 8343 Lincoln Blvd.
    8220095,6706677. Fresh made pasta, fresh baked bread, large portions, small prices. The location in Westchester (8343) is larger and the wait for a table is less. Great chopped salads, lasagna, ravioli, shrimp.

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      There is a whole history of Allejo's... Papa Allejo was a chef at La Scala, then with his wife opened a little place in Hermosa in the 80's called La Traviata. The food was dreamy - fresh bread, fresh pasta, lots of garlic, and had Allejo's South American touch. Sadly, it closed. But he bought a tiny place on Lincoln & Washington and a bigger place on Lincoln & Westchester and called each Allejo's. Mama & Papa Allejo got divorced, and in the settlement, she won the restaurants. The quality of food started to slip. Things tased monotonous, not as fresh and unique. But Papa came back two years ago with his own place, better designed, better lighting, cuter waitresses, with the original Papa dishes: Pasta Factory, closer to the beach on Washington in the first floor of a 70's low rise. Papa Allejo recently passed on. I believe his ex wife is now at the helm of the Pasta Factory.