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Dec 14, 2007 05:59 AM

Christmas goodies for teens?

Hi, I'm relatively new to this forum, but have enjoyed what I have read so far. I need some suggestions please. I volunteer in student services at our high school and would love to take our student "runners" a treat next week when I work. The other lady I volunteer with is planning on bringing the kids cookies, so I would like to do something different. I was even thinking of bagging something up individually so they can take it with them if they're full of cookies and whatever the first shift volunteers bring in. I know the pretzels melted with rolo's are always a hit, and my kids love "puppy chow", but do any of you have any other ideas? I want it to be something they will love!

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  1. Trail mix using home-made granola, mini M&M's, craisins, pumpkin seeds, cashews

    Chocolate covered pretzel rods rolled in sunflower seeds, mini M&M's, chopped cashews or pecans, raisins, sesame seeds

    A can of squirt cheese and a bag of pretzels.

    On a healthier note, bottles of pomegranate juice.

    1. Popcorn balls wrapped in saran wrap and tied with a bow. There are so many flavor options. Alot of kids today have never had them.

      1. chocolate and caramel dipped pretzel rods
        chocolate dipped marshmallows
        rice krispie treats dipped in chocolate OR dulce de leche krispies
        flavored popcorn mixes
        toffee in little cello bags

        1. You might consider going savory instead of sweet--Slim Jims, sausage sticks, cheese & crackers (those little individual packs), boxes of the Ritz sandwich crackers, or providing beverages.

          Of course, this is based on my own teenage son--YMMD especially if you are dealing with predominantly girls.