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Dec 14, 2007 05:26 AM

Italian North End tonight

The first couple months here in Boston have been great, have had the opportunity to try out alot of what the city has to offer.

We have eaten in the North End a couple times, but I want the lowdown from everyone here. If you had to choose 2 restaurants in the North End to eat (One for a splurge and one that is affordable) which would you choose?

We would like to try one of them out this evening for dinner.

Thanks again!


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  1. Spurge:

    Mamma Maria
    Neptune Oyster


    Antico Forno
    Pizzeria Regina
    Daily Catch

    Somewhere in between:


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      Are Antico Forno and Regina's good for just pizza or are most of their dishes on par with the other restaurants in the NE?

      1. re: Matt H

        Regina's is just pizza. Antico Forno has excellent oven baked pizzas, but also a full menu of pretty darn good Italian favs.

        Here's their menu:

        Their Rigatoni Salsiccia E Ricotta is one of my favorite cold weather dishes.

    2. Splurge: Prezza:

      Affordable: Antico Forno & they have a lot more than pizza from their wood oven:

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      1. re: Taralli

        Oh, yeah, totally forgot about Prezza. Very tasty. Good add.

      2. This is great info, the menu at Antico Forno looks great. Lets expand it a little more, which place would you pick in the NE to go out for a pastry/espresso afterwards?

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              1. re: Taralli

                I don't think Maria's stays open in the evening although it is the place for sfogliatelle with Modern a very close second.

            1. Splurge-

              Mother Anna's

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              1. re: saltyair

                Splurge: Prezza, but worth it!!
                Affordable: Bacco (its moderately priced, more expensive than Regina and what not, but its much more formal and has entrees) I always recommend this restaurant as my go for great food that doesn't break the bank!

              2. I would begin the evening with oysters and champagne from Neptune, move on to some lovely comfort food at Antico Forno; and then I would be torn between a pastry from Marias or an expresso martini at Paradiso!

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                1. re: Pegmeister

                  Pegmeister, I saw Ravensclaw at Pete's last night..

                  I believe it was a red. Ravensclaw "Blend" I think.

                  We miss you.

                  1. re: Bostonbob3

                    The red may be leftover, because I drink the chardonnay. I even e-mailed Somers group to ask them about it and they never responded. It looks like all their pubs are going to Copperidge. At least that's what they told me in Hennessey's. Guess they don't care too much about what the customer wants. I guess I could switch to red!