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Dec 14, 2007 05:09 AM

17 people want to eat out on New Year's Day!

My extended family will be together in Scottsdale for the first time in years during the holidays. We have decided that after lots of holiday cooking in my mother's smallish kitchen, it would be swell to go out to eat on New Year's Day. We were thinking of an Asian restaurant with a big round table, but aren't stuck on any type of restaurant.

Most of us do not live in Phoenix/Scottsdale and are having a hard time coming up with ideas. Any suggestions would be sooo appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Round tables!!! If you want to say something to someone across the way, you have to either shout or call them on their cell 'phone.

      1. i don't know if they are open, and its certainly not fancy, but its clean and bright andthe food's great - i love prime, its chinese food, on camelback near central. they have a big ole round table or 2 :)

        1. Try the Golden Buddha... it's in Phoenix but a quick hop from Scottsdale. 17 might be pushing it, but call to see if they can seat that many in one of their family banquet rooms with big round tables. Be sure to ask about their authentic Chinese menu. For about $20/person, you should get a grand, 10 course meal.

          Be sure to contact them and any other suggested places to make sure they are open on New Years Day. Independent places are challenged with asking staff to work on holidays and might be closed for the day.

          1. Well, if you're not from AZ you should have some Southwestern inspired food. It may be booked already, but try Richardson's private room. It's a $500 minimum, which shouldn't be a problem with 17 people! It' my very favorite place with a group -- you'll have the room to yourself and your own wait staff!