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Dec 14, 2007 04:50 AM

A Jewish Christmas ...

I am planning to go out with a few non-Christmas celebrating friends on XMAS eve. We aren't set on anything specific, although for the sake of tradition it should be an asian-cuisine (chinese, vietnamese, korean, thai, or japanese). We were thinking of going out to Virginia. Any ideas about what might be open?

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  1. I went to Eden Center on the 25th a couple of years ago, and at least half of the restaurants were open.

    1. give Hong Kong Palace a call 703-532-0940. Killer Sichuan, hound-certified. many positive posts here.

      1. I really like Neisha Thai on Christmas and I'm sure they would be open on Christmas eve. They have locations near Tyson's and in Tenleytown. The mai-tais and cave decor makes it in interesting place. You might also check out Pacifica in Sterling VA.

        1. The last few years we've gone out for Chinese with friends and family. Peking Gourmet inn was extremely crowded. I think we waited over an hour despite having a reservation. Once we were seated the food was fine and there really wasn't a rush. However, BEFORE we were seated it was rough going.