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Dec 13, 2007 11:43 PM

La Defence - Koreatown

Saw a snipet of this place in The Guide last week, so I booked a reservation on Open Table and went tonight.

The food was INCREDIBLE. I really didn't expect a non-Korean restaurant in Koreatown to actually be good. The exec. chef has worked at Koi, Michi, L'Orangerie, and few other places. I definitely taste the fusion concept, and he pulls it off really clean. The menu is designed Tapas style, and are reasonably priced, IMO. They also have private Karaoke rooms, which we didn't get a chance to check out this time. This place is right off Wilshire and Western, near the Wiltern, but it is alittle hard to find.

Started with the Kobe Carpaccio, and it was incredible (they use real Japanese A-5). The Fritto Misto and Rice Pizza were great starters with a nice Japanese taste to it. I really liked the Carbonara, and the Linguine Con Fungi (soy butter sause with mushrooms). Finished off with the Black Cod and Crispy Duck, both of which were outstanding.

All of the desserts are made in house, from what I was told, and weren't too sweet or heavy. My girlfriend and I had the Berry Tobanyaki (cobbler) and the Tiramisu. Our tall server was also very friendy, and very attentive.

Has anyone else been? How is lunch here?

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  1. I havent been, but I have wanted to go for awhile (2 weeks I think)

    There are plenty of non-korean places in ktown that are good. A-won, Opus when Centeno still had his tasting menus, a few japanese and vietnamese gems, amongst other places.

    Thanks for the first real report!

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      I found out from a friend in the industry that Chef Yuji Iwasa is no longer with La Defence. His food was what made this restaurant. Does anyone know if this is true? The restaurant has not changed any of promotional information, can anyone confirm?