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Dec 13, 2007 09:44 PM

Sushi BYOB in Plano

It's amazing what you run across when you misspell a Google search. Here is another BYOB sushi restaurant in Plano to add to Simon's Sushi:

It's called "Sushi Heaven" despite the confusing URL

I haven't been there yet.

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  1. Yeah, it's indeed confusing. Just a few months ago, I believe that place was called "Sushi and Donuts"

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    1. re: air

      hahaha yes indeed it was good old sushi donuts. This is *not* a fancy place. It's off Jupiter, north of 15th, kinda back in the corner. It's fairly small and has more of a lunch vibe if anything. It's a two person operation, Chef Yun and Sue are very friendly. The sushi is nothing impressive but it's really cheap, I go on Saturdays and get the Chef's combo or whatever, which is 5 piece nigiri (omelette, salmon, tuna, i think white tuna, and red snapper, iirc) and one maki roll, I like the volcano (spicy crawfish) and the rainbow roll is also ok. Comes with bowl of miso soup and costs <$10 total.

      It's probably not a place too many people here would really like. It's not *great* sushi, it's more like workaday or lunch sushi. You can sit at the bar and talk to Yun about Korea and sushi, he's very accessible and friendly if a little bashful.

      They got rid of the donuts because it was too much hassle to do two such disparate things, but it was certainly fun to go eat sushi there knowing what an odd place it was. I've never had bad sushi there, I don't think Yun would do that but it's not going to impress anybody who's used to some of the fancy places Dallas has to offer.

      1. re: luniz

        So if we can all drop the need (or worse, the feeling that we're entitled) to be constantly impressed, we could all have nice, perfectly pleasant experiences such as Luniz has on Saturdays. I can get behind that concept.

      2. re: air

        i tried the restaurant based on air's description (korean sushi BYOB). Yun was not in, but the chef was fine and the music was fun (something like Korean Disney Radio). for the price i was very pleased, and i appreciate the Korean touch. saw a lot of call-in/pickup orders passing through... wish it was closer to my house.