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Dec 13, 2007 09:10 PM

columbus ohio cafe corner

seen alot of press for cafe corner recently. Anyone been? Sounds good!

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  1. It is very good. Not really a large sit-down area, but about 4-5 tables. The food is quite good, don't know if you've seen their website: . Just west of there is Cafe Apropos, which is another nice place to go. Corner is a little more get your food and go, Apropos is more like a coffee house, sit down and relax kind of place. Apropos also has beer and wine, and their own wine club. Both are worth a visit.

    1. I was excited that a place in Columbus offered Cuban sandwiches, but the Cafe Corner version sucked.

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        Starliner Diner in Hilliard has a pretty good Cuban sandwich - not as good as in Florida, but definitely better than the Cafe Corner version.

        1. re: columbusfoodie

          Thanks. I haven't been there in years, and I usually went for breakfast. The last couple of times I have tried to go they weren't open. (I usually seem to find myself in that vicinity on Mondays.)

      2. I love Cafe Corner....they have the best food and I have never had a bad sandwich and they serve breakfast all day, which in my book is a wonderful thing...and it is not just your everyday breakfast. I love their avocado and bacon sandwich. They use fresh bread and the best ingredients. They are also willing if they are out of something to tell you or go to the store to get it....

        I also like that in the summer they use ingredients from the local growers, the best tomatoes, etc.