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Dec 13, 2007 08:39 PM

Charleston, SC Dinner on Christmas Night

My husband and I will be visiting Charleston, SC during Christmas (our first time to the city), and I would love a suggestion for a restaurant that you think will be open on Christmas Day/Night. I've read on the Charleston CVB website that Poogan's Porch will be open, but I've also read mixed reviews. Any other suggestions? I will have a car with me, so places off the beaten path are fine. We are not picky eaters, so any cuisine is fine. Thanks!

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  1. I personally love Poogans and have been eating there for years. Brunch or breakfast is my favorite but dinner can be a little sketchy. If you stick with things like Shrimp and Grits or the meatloaf you will not be disappointed. Also they do great red beans.

    I'm sure Charleston Place and The Market Pavillion will both have Christmas buffets.

    Check and see if Jestine's Kitchen is open Christmas Day. Their blue plate of the day is always fantastic and the coca-cola cake is insanely good.

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      Just wanted to update for anyone who is searching on this topic next year. Jestine's was not open this year (we tried to eat there the next day and the line was too long for us), nor was the Market Pavillion, I don't think.

      On Christmas Day, we had lunch at Pita King - we just needed something quick and simple and this was perfect for us. For dinner, we ate at the bar at Magnolias - they served a full menu plus a special set menu for the holiday - and really had a great time.