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Dec 13, 2007 07:54 PM

Lunch and Dinner Recs for Kennebunk area?

My boyfriend and I will be staying at the Waldo Emerson Inn in Kennebunk ( for two nights in January. Any recommendations for good lunches and dinners in the area? Cheap to moderate would be preferable (less than $25 entrees). For lunch, a casual spot for sandwiches, pizza, etc would be fine.

One thing worth mentioning is that I don't like seafood (gasp!), though my boyfriend does, so I'd probably like to avoid places that really just specialize in seafood. I have only been to the area (Kennebunkport) once, in the summer - is everything open in the winter?

Any input would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Two places open in winter are Hurricane- a little pricey but they have a # of small plaes on the menu which are excellent and combined with an appetizer should be fine. Almost next door is a casual place called Allison's that is reasonable. Not sure what else is open that time of year.

    1. My wife and I have gone to Joshua's the last few times we've been in the area. It's in an old colonial style house on Route 1 in Welles near the Kennebunk town line. Interesting well prepared dishes based on locally grown and purchased ingredients.

      1. Looks like the Waldo Emerson is closer to "the 'port" than "the 'bunk" but if you venture to downtown Kennebunk check out the Kennebunk Inn. Their pub fare is great as are their dinner entre's. In Kennebunkport check out if Bandaloop is open. Good food, esp. the appetizers and fun atmosphere. Bandaloop hasn't changed their menu since they opened which is a drag for us locals, but for a visitor it can be very good! I second Joshua's. Hurricane's is Ok, not that great a value for the money. If you want to go way over the top, there's always The White Barn Inn......

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          Allison's is open year round, ( Its a good place for lunch, nice bar area,and other food than seafood. All so there's a place called Federal Jacks which over looks the harbor. ( I believe this to be open also. ( You can take a look at this website, you might find some place to try.Good luck, and hope you have a nice time. Earle Ct.

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            Thank you! We needed a place before the concert at the Kennebunkport Coffee House show last night and tried Bandaloop. (Saw the menu for Hurricane's--YIKES--our of our price range last night.) We had to sit at the bar which was fine--good service from the bartender. And the food was VERY good. We shared the mussels--delicious--and I had the risotto. We will definitely go back.

          2. Some great lunch spots are The Bakery and Cafe in downtown Kennebunk, HB Provisions for soups in Kennebunkport. A good Dinner option is the Kennebunkport Inn right in the center of Kennebunkport- They specialize in steaks and have live music on Friday and Saturday evenings.We found the Kennebunkport Inn to be a great experience- HB makes some great sandwiches too- Also, Kennebunkport Inns, Shops, and Restaurants are open Year Round-that's what I love about the Kennebunks!

            1. The White Barn gets all the worthy praise, but On the Marsh is right there alongside it for culinary creativity and execution. I rate Joshua's very highly as well, definitely an excellent value.

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                I can't recommend Joshua's highly enough. The food is wonderful, the atmosphere is really nice, and the service is amazing. I think they're only open for dinner, not lunch, but the entrees are mostly $20 each. A steal, in my opinion! Enjoy!


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                  The Maine Diner on Route 1 is very good. They have regular diner fare, plus some interesting stuff. Food is very homemade-tasting and fresh.