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Dec 13, 2007 07:52 PM

Sour Orange Sauce

Saw an episode of Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill around Thanksgiving time when he made a turkey breast on the grill with a sour orange sauce (made with orange juice, lime, etc.). Wasn't paying much attention, but afterwards decided to find the recipe on

Anyway, the recipe for the sauce says that you put in 8 cups of chicken stock and let it reduce to 2. A few of the reviewers said that it must be an error, because how does 8 cups reduce to 2?

Did anyone happen to see the show, or does anyone have a similar recipe?

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  1. Flay's inspiration for Sour Orange Sauce comes from combining the traditional Yucatecan dishes of Turkey en Escabeche and Poc Chuc. With Poc Chuc there is no significant stock component its really Bitter (Seville) Oranges... but since its hard to find those oranges here... people like Kennedy & Bayless suggest combining Lime, Orange & Grapefruit juices & zest... I suggest you look up one of their recipes.

    With respects to the Chicken Stock question.... Mexicans nowadays regularly use Chicken Bouillon as an Umami Enhancer... that is most likely what he is trying to accomplish (so yes I think he does intend to reduce 4 tiems). I have had lots of luck using the "Better than Chicken Bouillon" product.

    1. Reducing something from 8 cups to 2 is going to take forever. I agree with Eat Nopal in that a chicken stock concentrate (I use TJ's brand) really mimics the intense flavor of a reduced stock. Try adding a greater ration of stock concentrate to water: so maybe for this recipe 4 servings of concentrate to the 1 serving of water instructed.

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        Thanks. Do they have recipes online?

      2. I thought the same exact thing when I made it to top my Thanksgiving turkey. I followed it anyway and yes, it did take, it wasn't that impressive. I hate to say that about something that came from the mind of Bobby Flay, but the truth hurts.

        1. walmart had nice sour oranges today-
          i think i will try the sauce and turkey