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Dec 19, 1999 10:23 PM

My lunch Saturday

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I read the article that Johnathan did on Mago. I went on Saturday for lunch and ordered the Char Shu Taco. It was very strange and very good. It was also the single messiest food item I have ever eaten in my life. I got teryaki sauce all over everything and used up all three nakpins cleaning up. It was worth it though. I remembered that in the article he said that one of the better taco places was across the street. While I was knee deep in sauce I looked out the window and saw Taco Sanchez. I cleaned up the best I could and drove across the street. All of the tacos at Sanchez are $1.00. I ordered buche, cabeza, pastor and chicharon. They give you alot of food for a buck. All of the tacos were wonderful. I was a fan of El Indio 2 doors down and never even noticed this place. They have a large albiet repetative menu that I look forward to trying. I was so full but very happy. Thanks Johnathan.

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