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Dec 13, 2007 07:45 PM

Honey Baked Ham alternative?

My 10 year old son announced that he wants Honey Baked Ham for Christmas. I am appalled at their prices, $36 for a 1/4 ham! Yikes! I would really love to hear about some alternatives, local delies, local, less commercial markets that do a great ham or even a recipe with a said market purchased ham. Any ideas or should I just bite the bullet?


[NOTE: Although this topic was originally posted to the Los Angeles board, we moved it here because none of the responses were about local options and we felt these responses would be more useful to hounds from everywhere -- THE CHOWHOUND TEAM ]

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  1. We like the hams from Costco, in the red foil. Much cheaper than HBH! I got a 9 lb ham for Thanksgiving for $20, and it was delicious. It comes with its own glaze, or you can use your own.

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      I was given a gift certificate for a Honey Baked Ham, and picked it uo today. It's tasty but mighty pricey (okay, mine was free). Out of curiosity, I googled H.B.H. copycat recipes and there were some interesting entries. Seems both economical and realistic to get that Costco ham and honey glaze it oneself.

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        Do it yourself...I always buy the Farmer John one from the store for about 5-7 bucks and do it up at home. I use molases to cover the entire ham, then add your cloves, pineapple, etc and then pack it in brown suger. The molases acts like a glue and holds the suger to the ham. Bake that puppy up and your good to go with min. effort and at a huge savings.

    2. Not a ham expert at all but have had the HBH (and their turkey which is quite tasty as well).

      However, I did see a show in which their process was revealed -- They use a torch to caramelize the glaze and as I recall also marinate for the distinctive flavor. I don't know if the taste can be duplicated with substitutes but one can obviously get a very fine ham for much less money.

      1. I don't know if you have the time for this, but I get my hams (and bacon) from this place, Incredible quality, and very decent prices.

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            Their site says they're overloaded due to a Saveur magazine article, and they aren't taking any more orders until after New Year's.

            Benton's Smokey Mountain Country Hams
            2603 Highway 411, Madisonville, TN

          2. Plan ahead, go to (National Association of Country Hams) and get a real ham. Many will come table ready.

            1. I made a spiral sliced ham for Thanksgiving and then tried a Honey Baked ham for the first time last weekend at a holiday party. It was ok. Honestly the one I made was better and cheaper. I got a $15 (8 lb) spiral sliced ham and used this really yummy glaze recipe from


              I got it from Staters Bros. and it had some fat on it so the part near the bone kinda tasted like bacon. It was a smoked variety, no glaze since I did my own.