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Dec 13, 2007 07:31 PM

Orange Flower Water: Where to Buy?

Where can I buy orange flower water, and how much is it? I'm using it to bake Greek cookies.

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  1. Jon's or Super King (should be cheaper at those places than at a posh kitchen supply store.)


    1. can you define the area in which you are looking to purchase these items. there are several places in oc as well as la

      1. I've seen it at Bristol Farms. Its an ingredient in some cocktails so you may find it at a place that sells liquor like a BevMo. Comes in a small bottle like 3oz-4oz and can't imagine its more than $5 for a bottle.

        1. Just about any decent liquor store.

          1. Do you happen to have a Persian market near you? There are lots in West LA (especially on Westwood Blvd), and almost all of them carry orange blossom water.

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              Prices tend to be best at a middle eastern market vs. chain store.