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Dec 13, 2007 07:23 PM

Queen of Sheba- Tampa Ethiopian

As a relatively new resident in Tampa one of the things that I have missed here is Ethiopian food. Thankfully a wonderful new Ethiopian restaurant is moving into the space vacated by Manengo's at 3636 Henderson. Queen of Sheba is still in a soft opening (call before you go) but it is excellent. The vegetarian, chicken and beef dishes were all outstanding. The family opening the restaurant went out of their way to welcome us. They fed us well beyond our fill with an array of dishes selected by the proprietor. Afterwards, the server brought incense and delicious Ethiopian coffee. This is a substantial contribution to our culinary landscape. Highly recommended.

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  1. Oooh great. I've never tried Ethiopian cuisine before. What are the prices like? My college student buddies and I have pretty pathetic budgets, but I'd love to get some friends together to try this new place.

    I know so little about Ethiopian food, but does one eat with one's hands at an Ethiopian restaurant? Was that the norm at Queen of Sheba?

    1. Oh I'm so excited! Another ethnic choice in Tampa- can't wait to try. Thanks for letting us know. I just tried Ethiopian for the first time in Manhattan.

      1. Will you post the phone number if you have it?

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          Agent Orange: Yeah, you eat with your hands. Be prepared to share because everything comes on one big plate.
          Rikkim: The phone number is: 813-872-6000.

          If you go, post back about your experience.

        2. This is GREAT news! I will definitely plan to check this out!

          1. I ate there last night. Not as good as the Queen of Sheba in NYC, but is very good. Unfortunately it is in a storefront that is a known graveyard for restaurants. It deserves to thrive.

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              Where is it located? Anyone with recommendations for first timers are appreciated.

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                Ethiopian food as I know it is characterized by spicy meat and vegetable stews scooped up with pieces of "injera", a spongy bread that resembles a rather large, whitish pancake.

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                  the exact adress is: 3636 henderson blvd tampa fl, 33609