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Dec 13, 2007 07:20 PM

what is your favorite spot in Manchester NH?

what is your favorite spot for a cup of coffee and a muffin, sandwich or dinner? I'm looking to change things up. Any new pizza finds? I'm getting bored eating out :-(

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  1. I've been hearing Great things about the new 900 Degrees on Canal Street - behind the old Dunn's Furnature. Going to check it out tonight - I also hear they make a Great Martini callled - Ribbon Candy!!

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    1. re: Klayernh

      The Ribbon Candy Martini got my attention. How was it? I'll have to stop in when I'm up there.

      1. re: Klayernh

        No Ribbon Candy Martini - misinformation I guess - does sound yummy though - the Pizza was great - interior too - slow night so they said - but not an empty seat in the house... try it out...

      2. Re: coffee/muffin spot... Talk about a gaping hole in downtown Manchester's scene! Why the state's largest city can't support a decent bagel spot/bakery is beyond me... FRESH baked goods, inventive b-fast/lunch sandwiches, and coffee that hasn't been sitting around for 6 hours in thermal casks and/or served in styrofoam cups... is it really too much to ask for?

        If anyone wishes plead the case for Bean and Bagel (now "B&B Café", tucked behind City Hall), go for it, I'm afraid I've never been in...

        And sorry, I'm afraid neither Gala nor Ahh-Some quite hack it for me...

        Please, if anyone has had a decent scone downtown, I need to know where, stat.

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        1. re: AbeFroman

          Actually... didn't Julien's Corner Kitchen open a second location on Elm recently in Bob Shaw's old location? I've never been to the original Bridge St. Julien's -- any fans of the new spot?... I've been ISO someplace downtown (b/t Granite & Bridge St., Canal & Chestnut St.)

          ... and sorry about the threadjack Edina!

          1. re: AbeFroman

            B&B does reasonably good bagels, but don't serve lox, so I don't consider them a *real* bagel place.

            For muffins, stop into Bridge Cafe on Bridge & Elm. They're large, light, and very flavorful.

          2. We aren't usually in Manch for Breakfast but do like Belmont Hall for great comfort food in all catagories (breakfast, lunch, diner). I keep hearing great things about a "xxx Beanstalk ??" place over just south of Valley St. - tucked in a neighborhood. I drove by it, then realized that's what I had been reading about - good things. I try a lot of different subs/pizzas and recent found a new one I like (besides my favorite Pizza Express) - called Salona (great rollups). We love Red Arrow too. Haven't tried any new evening destinations lately, but love to get back to Cotton. Premier Pallet is always a great destination.

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            1. re: lexpatti

              Jewel and the Beanstalk! Very good stuff :)

              1. re: lexpatti

                Echo-ing a couple of lexpatti's choices...
                - Red Arrow is exactly what you want in a diner. I always go with the turkey sandwich (real turkey!), and the pies are fat and decadent.
                - Cotton is my favourite dinner spot in Manchester. Bartending is masterful, great crabcakes, meatloaf is total comfort food and desserts also tend to be quite food.

                1. re: Rabbit

                  my S.O. loves the meatloaf at Cotton. Lately we have been eating there once a week- it is comfort food and so cozy. Recent meal was the wedge- I've been craving it since, a lobster pizza special and a chicken-shrimp special. If the chef owner is reading this- PLEASE change up your menu :-) I don't want to get bored with my favorite spot!

                  1. re: edinaeats

                    Aahhh - I complained about the same thing recently (please change your menu!) and someone on this board suggested that there is a new menu in the works for Cotton. I hope thie is true!

                    But I hope they don't lose the meatloaf.

                    1. re: edinaeats

                      I love a great wedge! Someone should start a thread on where to get the best wedge. I had one in Lowell at Ricardo's Trattoria that was to die for - very creative and different - a step above the rest. on the fly, I'll get one at the 99, not too bad (hard to believe I know)

                      1. re: lexpatti

                        Cotton has one of the best wedges I've had. I also had a really good one at Napa Valley Grille in Providence.