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Dec 13, 2007 07:14 PM

Jade Asia Restaurant - All Dim Sum $2 on Weekdays

Jade Asian in Flushing (old Gum Fung) offers their dim sum for $2 a plate on non holiday weekdays. They don't distinguish between small, medium and large. Excluded are the "special" dim sum (e.g. shark's fin dumplings) . Really good deal, went with 2 friends earlier this week and we completely stuffed ourselfes for $25!

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  1. Linden Place also has a similar deal, it might even be $1.50, and, their stuff is pretty good.

    1. After seeing a feature about Jade on Gothamist the other day, I told myself: self, we've got to check out this place some day. If the photos don't make your mouth water, the weekday price will:

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      1. re: famdoc

        been to jade in flushing 4x now since its opening. i was a longtime gum fung fan. jade is honestly better...i never thought id ever say anything was better than gum fung.

        i have tried many of the dishes and found them to be right on. keep your eye open for these sweet spare rib flavor pork filled triangle sweet buns. they have a very flaky crust( that you wouldnt expect until you bite it) that is topped with black sesame seeds. 2 inch triangles, amazing. thier taro-toasted coconut jello is unreral it is on the dessert cart and is large jello squares that are 1/2 white and half purple. i am usually not a dessert cart buyer but tried these with friends and was seriously blown away. many other great dishes i have only seen there. try it


        1. re: chefjellynow

          went again today. no $ 2 dim sum except the 1.99 size

          great meal, had my usual plus some new

          the glutiness rice with meats inside a lotus leaf is always my fav.

          i tried the open face dumplings , seems thier trademark dumpling is all that. jade wrapper, shrimp ball inside and open on top with a dot of some kind of mayo and sauce

          had the pear shaped item with the leaf on top (made to look like a pear) this had a rice paste inside around a little curry chicken(weird eh)

          had tofu skin wrapped seafood in that brown sauce
          and of course the pork filled triangles

          had a few other things too.

          saw another man there around 1130 eating like 12 dishes by himself too. bald, probably a chowhounder lol

      2. We went to the new Jade with some trepidation (so sad when Gum Fung closed!). I agree that the dim sum is just as good if not bettter. Impressed with the selection and flavor, including some things I had never seen before (shumai coated with rice instead of a dumpling wrapper). We'll definitely be back!!

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        1. re: jennielap

          Went a week ago Wed. with a couple of friends . I don't know what each item cost, but the cartperson/stamper put the imprint on numerous rows so I doubt that there was a uniform price of $2.00 per. I think it was somewhat better than when it was Gum Fung due to the more numerous choices. The quality as usual was very good.

          1. re: budcar

            From what all of you have been saying, I can't wait to get there.
            Maybe a chowhound can ask the management what the deal is with the $2 specials and report back to the rest of us?

            One of the annoyances about dim sum at many of the restaurants is that you don't necessarily know how much you've spent until the end of the meal because they don't post prices and the cart ladies often don't speak much English. Fortunately, the final price is still a bargain most of the time (but I was shocked to get a check for almost $50 on dim sum for lunch in San Francisco once).

            1. re: racer x

              I'll try to ask the next time I am there. We usually speak Chinese and it's a given that on weekdays it is $2 for any size (the numerous rows are for small, medium, large dim sum and also special dishes) - have been there a couple of times for the $2 dim sum with family... the only thing I can think of is that sometimes around the holidays they stop doing the weekday promotions as the traffic picks up... anyway, will post what I find out in the next few weeks....

              1. re: jessesgirl

                The dim sum is $2 a dish during weekdays except holidays. There are some dinner specials also like $10 for a bowl of sharks fin soup.

                1. re: suprakent

                  What time should I get there by on weekdays?

                  1. re: rschwim

                    I beleive they open at 9 am so by 10 am they should have most varieties of dim sum ready

                2. re: jessesgirl

                  does anyone know if they still do the $2 per plate special. went there to try it today, and it's not a holiday, but it is Friday going into a holiday weekend and we paid varying prices, a total of $37 for about 10 selections, at least one of which was a much more expensive plate (the clams in black bean sauce, yum). everything was good, and a number of items were particularly good: taro balls, some of the "open faced" dumplings shown in the gothamist write-up, etc. so, with adding a tip at the end, it wasn't "cheap" for the two of us, but was certainly a fair deal.

                  1. re: charlie_b

                    i have been there many times now, mostly on weekdays and have seen no 2$ special.

                    I will warn you that thier open faced dumplings are $5 each plate. learned this this week. very tasty dumplings, blue rice paper ect.. but expensive for dim sum dumplings. you can recognise them by their tops being open and some mayo and fish eggs on top(for the blue paper/shrimp one) also had the white wrapper with meat and dried pork on top..cost $10 for both. the shrimp/blue one is TASTY but in my opinion should not be in dim sum at that price. the best time to go is 11-1230..went earlier, not as much ppl and food

                    1. re: charlie_b

                      I went a couple of weeks ago on a weekday. As I was being seated, I asked the host how much the dishes were. He said, "Large dishes, $2. Medium, $2. Small, $2. So all $2." I had 7 or 8 dishes, including an order of the open-face dumplings, with a bill that totaled $17 and change with tax, which works out to $2 per dish.

                      Incidentally, I didn't care much for the taste of the open-face dumplings, even though they were gorgeous. There's something about the sweetness and texture of the mayo in a seafood dumpling that just didn't work for me.

                      As for the best time to arrive, when I arrived around 11:15, there were diners at about 3/4 of the tables - I got a table by myself at the periphery of the diner area toward the far wall opposite the entrance. The cart ladies were mixing up the routes they took, sometimes heading to the right when leaving the kitchen and sometimes heading to the left, so my location worked out well because I got food hot from the kitchen half the time.

                      People were still arriving and hot dishes were still being brought out when I left at about 12:00. Some of the dumpling walls were a little tough (maybe overcooked on the cart?) even after I'd just arrived though.

                      1. re: racer x

                        try the small golden triangles with sesame seeds on top, wow

            2. can anyone confirm, or not, the same/similar weekday deal at both Gala Manor and at Linden Place?

              1. Yes--
                Excellent place. Worth the shlep --er, trip--on the #7 train!