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Dec 13, 2007 06:49 PM

Hong Kong Market RIP

I'm devastated. Went by the Hong Kong Market in South Plainfield today for some take-out soup from the Taiwanese soup lady in the food court, and discovered that the store closed down. A sign on the door directs all customers to go to its East Brunswick location.

I really loved this place. I've posted lots of times here about how unique the food court was, and talked about some of the really good food, such as soups, dumplings and congee, that was available. My wife used to shop there a lot for provisions, especially Thai hot sauce (they carried a very good brand) and Chinese products. Coming on the heels of Captain Fresh closing down, it's particularly upsetting.

In our neighborhood, the last Chinese market standing is now the AFC on Route 22. :-(

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  1. I too was heartbroken when the place closed. Indeed, the "Taiwan soup lady" had jumped ship a few months ago.

    Will the place be remodeled and reopened? There's a bit of rumor of it, but I suspect that the old food court - the most authentic Chinese street food vendor in the state - will be a thing of the past.

    1. Hi I like to shop at hong kong supermaket at rt. 18 east brunswick. Everythings I needs I can get it and they good sevices ,too. I like to shop thai ingredents, thai food. but you have to becareful some it exprie date.

      1. I stopped going to "Captain Fresh" because of bad fish......AFI (Asian Food) on rt. 22
        is still an excellent source and also has a very good freshly made foods and bakery

        1. That's sad. I only been there a couple times but I found the food court food really impressive. Especially the congee. The East Brunswick Hong Kong Supercourt has the same groceries but there is no food court. The cooked food section in EB HK supermarket taste horrible and I found them a bit pricey too.

          1. Really irrelevant to this thread but the best sign I saw on a recent trip to Hong Kong - the city, not the supermarket - was "Haiphong Road Temporary Cooked Food Hawkers Bazaar."