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Dec 13, 2007 05:52 PM

Unsweetend Dried Fruit

I am looking for a source of unsweetened dried fruit in the Boston area, preferably north suburbs, but I am willing to travel. I am specifically looking for unsweetened dried cranberries.

Can anyone help?

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  1. wholefoods have a wide variety of unsweetened and unsulphured dried fruit but i can't recall seeing unsweetened cranberries. try doing a web search for "organic dried fruit" and you will come up with quite a few leads if you're up for ordering the stuff. i looked that up recently in anticipation of an event involving a lot of dried fruit that i'll be organizing and was surprised at how many suppliers will ship for great prices. also did notice a lot of varieties usually sweetened even in health food stores that come unsweetened direct from suppliers.

    1. Also not sure on the cranberries--the ones I've seen are all sweetened--but a good source generally for dried fruits are the Middle Eastern places in Watertown--Arax, Eastern Lamejun, Fastachi in Belmont which has wonderful fruits and nuts, and then Dairy Fresh Candies in the North End. This is where I get all of my fruitcake goodies, but again--not sure about the cranberries. I'm always looking for good citron and orange peel, personally, but I've had better luck making my own. Maybe you need to buy a fruit-dryer and some fresh cranberries!

      1. I believe Trader Joe's carries both sweetened and unsweetened dried cranberries, among other fruits.