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A favorite recipe using Chinese-style dried sausage?

Anybody have one they would be willing to share?

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  1. sticky rice with sausage and vegetables. it's not the kind cooked in a banana leaf, but loose. does this appeal? I can post, but my measurements aren't exact and my friends say that it is "annoying" :) so let me know if you agree

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      Details would be appreciated. I like the idea of including veg. for health reasons, but, being lazy, would not like to have to cook them separately if possible. I'm also tempted to combine the sausage with some dried mushrooms. Ever used them as (part of) the vegetables?

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        Yes, we like the dried mushrooms. I just sok them in hot water beforehand. And to avoid cooking the veg separately, you just throw them on later on in the steaming process.
        1. soak the sticky rice overnight
        2. Fry up your sausage pieces (some recipes said to boil them first, but I didn't notice a difference when I did)
        3. Fry up savory bits (green onion, onion, garlic, whatever)
        4. Add drained rice and sauce (hoisin, soy sauce, sugar)
        5. Wrap in a cheesecloth and place in steamer
        6. Fluff up ocasionally
        7. towards end of steaming (I like my rice quite soft so over an hour), add veg (mushrooms, peas, broccoli florets, cauliflower, diced carrot as some possibilites)

    2. This one is easy and I believe it was a favorite of Julia Child's and presently Ming Tsai. While watching their respective shows, they both mentioned it.

      Chinese sausage and egg fried rice. To add depth of flavor, sometimes I add chicken bouillon to the initial making of the rice. My secret ingredient in the actual preparation of the fried rice is to add some sesame oil.

      I know you can figure out any other of your favorite ingredients to add.

      1. snow peas with chinese sausage. this is very easy. slice 4 sausages ab1/4 " thick string 12 oz. snow peas. in a hot skillet add the sausages and fry till the fat gets transluscent. remove from the pan, leaving the rendered fat and add 2 tbsp of peanut oil and 1 tbsp of sesame oil. add the peas and stir fry 'til they just turn bright green. add 3 minced cloves of garlic and a tablespoon of fresh grated ginger. add 3 tbsp. of black soy sauce and the sausages. stir and serve immediately. the sweet salty flavor of the sausages works perfectly with the peas.sometimes, I will add some quartered cooked chestnuts to it for an even richer dish.

        1. Mix with scrambled eggs

          Slice and add as garnish to ramen or congee

          Stir-fry with nian-goa

          1. Sliced, steamed, served with hot mustard and shoyu with a side of steamed rice.

            1. I like it served by itself over steamed rice.

              I slice it on a bias, put it in a pan, cover it with water and cook it down (all the water evaporates) until it sizzles and browns. Serve it on fresh white rice (with a side of plain sliced tomatoes if I'm not lazy).

              Sausages cooked in this style can also be used in an Asian salad: sausages, sliced raw onions, cucumber, tomatoes, cilantro, salad greens with a sesame oil/lime juice/fish sauce/garlic vinaigrette.

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                Even easier - pop the sausages in with the rice in your rice cooker (you can just lay them on top of your rice). By the time the rice is done, your sausages will be ready to go. I used to do this in college when I really didn't feel like cooking.

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                  The best part about doing it this way is that all the juices (yeah, I know it's really fat) soak into the rice!

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                    I've done this too, but it won't give you the caramelized brown bits that I love so much.

                2. Turnip/daikon cake:


                  The recipe calls for chinese bacon (I don't know what that is?) so I use sausage. Is it the same thing?

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                    you were better off using the sausage. I tried that recipe w/ chinese bacon and the result was an unappetizing brown color because the recipe called for pouring the brown/soy bacon juices in...

                  2. These all sound delish! Guess I'll have to buy another half-dozen packages and try them out. THANKS TO ALL.

                    1. Steamed with baby bok choy cut in half lengthwise. Over rice. I reduce the steaming liquid and offer it on the side to moisten rice if desired. I do use a minimum of water so it is in fact reducable.