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Dec 13, 2007 05:34 PM

Restaurant for a 6-year-old

Hi everyone!

My aunt and uncle are bringing my little 6 year old cousin (girl) into the city to see her first Broadway show, Mary Poppins, this weekend, and they want to take her out for lunch before the show. They are fairly liberal eaters but she is 6 years old and the most adventurous she's gotten so far is tacos! I was hoping someone could suggest a few places for them to go on either a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (I can't remember which day they're seeing the show)...

Just some things to keep in mind...
-two adults, one 6-year-old girl
-not too pricey (maybe $50-$60 for the three of them?)
-kid-friendly cuisine (i.e. mac and cheese, pasta, sandwiches (is Peanut Butter & CO any good?))

Any suggestions you could offer would be great! They get into the city tomorrow night and I'd love to have some things to suggest to them...

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  1. My kids both loved Koren BBQ when they were 6 - it is a bit risky because you cook the food yourself over a hot grill (which is why they love it). They both love the white radish salad that comes along with it - crunchy and sweet and white rice is served on request. We go to Kum Gam San on 32nd St. Beef and chicken are great for kids - marinated but not spicy and it's a unique experience that is a good entree into more adventurous eating.

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      When we go to the theatre we take our kids to either Virgil's, John's Pizza or Juniors. All okay but clsoe to the theatre. Also, close to Mary Poppins is Ben's Deli on W. 38th St.

    2. 44 & X maybe? Just thought of this because its close to the theater and has a great mac and cheese. Also a lot of good options for the parents. Certainly not be the most kid friendly place, but shouldn't be a problem for them on a weekend afternoon (though I have never been during day). Brunch is served on the weekends, but the mac and cheese is on the menu.

      1. Ellen's Stardust Diner. As with every other restaurant in NYC there will be at least half a dozen people telling you how terrible it is but that's usually cause they're just too uptight. Some may insist that it's a tourist trap but it's not the tourists that keep that place full at 1am on a thursday night, trust me. As the name suggests it is simple diner food but very very good and the milkshakes are in my opinion the best in Manhattan. The prices aren't bad at all and the service is plenty good. On top of that all of the waiters/waitresses are currently out of work/auditioning Broadway actors/actresses, so as they're serving and carrying trays filled with food and beverages, they're also singing and extremely well for that matter, they're all very friendly and have plenty of character to them. Lots of fun, lots of good entertainment, and lots of good food.

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          thanks for the suggestions...
          keep 'em coming!

          Alice's Tea Cup, if fairy dust and angel wings sound like fun. She's the perfect age for it, if she's a princess-loving girl.

          1. Le Bonne Soupe is perfect for kids, and you can easily do $60 for 3 including wine for adults!