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Dec 16, 1999 01:29 AM

Pacific Diner

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I live in San Pedro. And though, as witnessed by my prolific posts on this board, I range far and wide around the greater Los Angeles area in search of good food, there are those lazy days where I want to stick close to home. On weekends, my favorite breakfast hang in San Pedro is Pacific Diner. First of all, GREAT home fries--the sliced variety, crispy, a little greasy but not too much so, and just so, so satisfying. My standard breakfast is the Chile Verde omelette, on which I lavish both the salsa and the pico de gallo. They have lots of other yummy omelettes too. Plus good pancakes and waffles. This is a very neighborhood place, where everyone seems to know each other, and the waitresses have been there forever and know everybody too. If you're in the area and want a good breakfast, check it out.

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  1. You live in Pee-dro? Hats off, brother. The last great neighborhood in Los Angeles, and fertile, largely untapped chowhound turf. Have yhou run across any remaining shreds of the old Croatian restaurant culture? Ten years ago, there were a dozen places to get cevapcici in Pedro, most of them pretty good, but the war seemed to have driven them if not out of business, at least underground.

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      Yep. Pee-dro is home, and I love it. (For the uninitiated, the proper Spanish pronunciation of San Pedro using a short "e" (Pay-dro) rather than a long "e" (Pee-dro) is a tip off that you're not a local.)

      I'm afraid there isn't much left of the Croatian restaurants in San Pedro, although around 15,000 Croatians still live there. Mostly, the Croatians are home cooks, and the best way to eat Croatian food in San Pedro is to make friends with members of the Croatian community and get invited to their homes for dinner. There is one Croatian restaurant, Ante's, on S. Palos Verdes St. between 7th and 8th. And, yes, they serve cevapcici. Other possibilities include meals served by the Dalmatian-American Club and by the Croatian Club, especially the block party held by the Croatian Club on May 30 to honor Croatian Independence Day. You can be sure to get cevapcici and mostaccioli there.

      You can also buy cevapcici at Sunshine Market on Pacific Ave. and South Shores Meat Shop on Western near 25th, both of which have Croatian butchers, along with other Croatian products like Vegeta, ajvar, and plum butter for palacinke. Another source for Croatian products in San Pedro is McCowan's Market on Walker Ave. A-1 Imported Groceries on 8th St. stocks mostly Italian products, but has some Croatian products as well.