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Dec 13, 2007 05:07 PM

Angelique cafe? main and 9th......

ok when i moved here to downtown i would have neve thought what great selection of food and place there would be. but i have found the best this time.

Its a nice cute 100 year old building on the corner of spring and main off of 9th

Angelique cafe<<

amazing place.

I oreder the following: Croque Monsieur ( which was ham and cheese with a Special sauce)

this was very very good. not your normal ham and cheese. it was on soft fresh toasted cheese bread with the fluffy toast just perfect with a slice of cheese on top of the sadnsich.

it also came with a abundance of french fries, golde crisp! and a tasty fresh salad with some reallly really good mustard dressing.

over all i was impressed with the whole thing from begining to end.

i have benn to alot to places but this is a huge favorite.

my scrore-

Presentation: 5
Price: 5
Over all: 5

** a must try here is the site as well

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