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Dec 13, 2007 05:07 PM

Best Chicken Fried Steak?

I am from Texas and get a hankering for good chicken fried steak. I have had it at Chili's but certainly there is a better version in the area. Ideas?

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  1. Elsie's Magic Skillet in Alexandria used to have the best, but Elsie sold the place and the CFS is no better than what you'd find at IHOP. Tastee Diners in Silver Spring/Bethesda/Laurel was decent, but they only served it on Sundays for some reason. Problem is, very few places serve it with a nice white peppercorn gravy, instead they drown it in a sort of bottled chicken gravy.

    Seriously doubt you'd find anything comparable to what you'd get in Texas, but good luck. This donrockwell thread mentions Southside 815, New Heights, Madhatter, and The Diner in Adams Morgan as having CFS. I'd be wary of American City Diner, as the last meal I had there did not agree with me.

    1. I feel your pain. I'm from Oklahoma and haven't found anything comparable to back home. Like you, I do Chilis once in a while. It's servicable, although it doesn't come with fried okra, which is necessary to the true CFS experience.

      Frank's Diner in Jessup does an ok CFS as well.

      1. CF Folks near Dupont has it as a special every Monday. I'm no expert, but their CFS with country gravy tastes pretty darn good to me...

        1. I hate to say it---Cracker Barrel has it. They even have fried okra. If someone can come with a better alternative in NoVA, please post back. I'd be willing to give a try!

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            Well, it's a Cracker Barrel kind of food. You won't find a chicken fried steak at Ruth Chris' or Charlie Palmer just because they serve good steak. Though I'd be curious to see what Ray's interpretation would be if he chose to add it to the menu. I'll be it would be good. I'm not sure what makes one particularly good - seasoning and the gravy, I guess, and those are a matter of taste. The one time I tried a CFS (I think it might have been in a Hot Shoppe when they were around) I found it much too salty for my taste.

            I don't think there are any more Black Eyed Pea restaurants in the area, but you could look around. OK, I just did, and the home page lists only locations in Colorado and Texas, so maybe that's closed the circle. Black Eyed Pea was just a little classier than Cracker Barrel though on the same order, and had chicken fried steak (as well as chicken fried chicken) on the menu.

          2. Have there been more CFS discoveries?