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Dec 13, 2007 04:56 PM

Vail Valley - great gift ideas


I am attempting to pick out three excellent restaurants from whom to buy gift certificates for three couples who live in the Vail Valley, and I'm live in Brooklyn and don't know a thing about the Vail scene.

I've read a lot of posts, and certain names come up again and again, but I'd love a little advice.

First couple - they have two kids, and rarely get out. They love good food, good beer and good sausage type items. I'm thinking that something alpine might be good - Alpenrose?

Second couple includes one very picky eater, but sushi is evidently among her likes. Sato Sushi?

Third couple - this one is easy for me, I think they'll love Dish from what I've read. (or at least, I think I'd love it)

Price range is around 50-75 per couple, and I want places that are hip and classy, but not too touristy. Everyone involved is in their early thirties.

Thanks a million!

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  1. We went to Dish twice when visiting the Vail Valley in September. Awesome. Definitely right for couple #3. Sorry, can't help with the other two.

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      I agree, Dish. I had another FANTASTIC meal there on Saturday. The Dover Sole en Papillote with Maple Roasted Root Veggies was fantastic. And I finally got to try some of their famed brittles.

      Is Alpenrose the same as Pepi's? If not, you should look into Pepi's as well.

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        1976, I love your post. Debbie nailed it on the 3rd.

        But how's a person in Brooklyn know 3 different families in the Eagle Valley?

        Sushi is very limited around here, its probably Sato's or Masatos. I like Masatos if he is at the counter.

        Trying to answer the first is really tough, but maybe Sweet Basil for lunch with the "locals" special. I tried Bottega last week, the place looks great, service is good and the food is OK. Out of the 4 main courses, 1 was good. The other place in the "Eagle" Valley I'd think about is the Golden Eagle.

      2. I can't help you with number two, but I'm thinking Ti Amo or Pepi's for number one. Those are two very different places and may not seem to make sense, but here's why. Ti Amo is a small, casual, family-owned Italian place that is definitely not "touristy." Lots of locals, warm atmosphere and excellent food, including some good Italian sausage dishes. I'm guessing they have a decent selection of beer -- don't drink it myself, so have never really noticed. Pepi's is a friendly place right in the middle of Vail that has a menu with lots of Austrian dishes in the main dining room and a game-dominated menu in the Antlers Room. Being an Austrian place, owned by Pepi and Sheika Gramshammer, my bet is they have a selection of beers.

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          The Pils on draft at Pepi's is very good. I also like the apres ski here. Its a little of the "wrinkle room" feeling, but fun. Rod (guitar player/singer) has a good time, usually good natured pokes at Texans expense. The cheese and sausage plate is very nice.