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Dec 13, 2007 04:44 PM

Urban Burrito

Is there anyone besides me who loves Urban Burrito in Asheville, NC and is super bummed Moe's seems to be taking over all of South Asheville?

I live in Etowah, NC and used to plan errands in South Asheville, so I could go to Urban Burrito for lunch. Sadly they left South Asheville and then 1/4 mile down the road Moe's went in. Now there is a Moe's on Airport Rd in Fletcher...I would have loved that to be Urban Burrito...

Does anyone know if Urban Burrito is planning on opening again in South Asheville?


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  1. They are pretty good. There is still a location on Merrimon, in the 2 story plaza on the west with the blue roof, across the street from Atlanta Bread Co. One of my Asheville favorite burrito places would be Rio Burrito. They are downtown & unfortunately I usually find parking problematic near them so have not eaten there in some time. Try Mamacitas, across from French Broad Food Coop, I think you'll find their food really good, quick, fresh, innovative & reasonably priced.

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      Rio closed a while back - Mamacitas in my opinion is better than Urban and Taqueria Fast on North Merrimon is my new fave....

    2. I tried Moe's once and am not a big fan of the yelling "WELCOME TO MOE's" just ok. Haven't tried Mamacitas but like Urban Burrito, though I find the different shops lack consistency in menu and quality.

      1. Our family were regulars at the south's Urban Burrito and was sad to see them go. There is another location nearby the kids soccer fields (our typical after practice dinner) in the Super Walmat Plaza off Swannanoa River Road in E. Asheville. We also have a Rio Burrito in S. Asheville, but it confuses me about the popularity of Moe's, I was very disappointed with their food and won't go back. When I asked Urban about another South location I was told they'd like to but are having trouble finding a location. I would assume that equates to the cost of rent presently here in South Asheville.

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          I broke a tooth on uncooked rice at the Moe's in Spartanburg back in August and have vowed never to eat at another one. I mean, really, how hard is it to boil rice?