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Dec 13, 2007 04:26 PM

Looking to get a Deep Fryer

Anyone have one that they love? I am mainly looking for it to make Fries. I have a Cast Iron Chicken Fryer that I do my chicken in.

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  1. I deep fry fries in my cast-iron chicken fryer, and I love it. If I need a deeper vessel I use one of my cast-iron Dutch ovens. For deep-frying a whole turkey or some such you'll need a whole 'nother type of pot.


    1. Among "home style" deep fryers, Cook's Illustrated recommended Rival (2.5 liters) and Aroma Cool Fry (2 quarts). Among "professional," Oster.

      1. I can recommend two models from personal experience, both of which have pros and cons. Both have thermostats that let you double fry your potatoes at two different temperatures. Both have filters that minimize grease deposits and smells in your kitchen. It really depends what you are willing to spend. Oil in a stovetop pot with a frying thermometer produces fine results, albeit with more care and a greater danger level.

        - The large DeLonghi Roto Fryer is well made and performs beautifully. It has a timer and a very nice basket control mechanism. The unique feature is the tilted frying chamber. The basket is motorized and rotates through the oil. This makes foods cook very evenly. It also enables this fryer to use much less oil than other fryers with a similar capacity. However, it is complex mechanically, somewhat noisy, and very annoying to clean. The small window fogs, and is, therefore, useless. This fryer is quite expensive.

        - The Tefal EZ-Clean model is my current fryer of choice. It has a very large capacity, which is good, but this also means it requires A LOT of oil (even when you fry a small amount of food). The frying results are more than acceptable, but the DeLonghi fries somewhat better. The construction is typical of Asian made "professional style" fryers. The metal is thin and it is easy to damage the exposed sensor wires. The basket hanger is wobbly. However, unlike many fryers that look similar, the plastic parts have not deteriorated in normal use. It stays fairly cool to the touch and, while not beautifully made, it is not as flimsy as it seems. The viewing panel is usable. The magnetic plug, a safety feature, falls away TOO easily. The EZ_Clean features work as advertised, and these are great. The oil drains through a filter automatically, and you can store the sealed oil container in the fridge. The fryer's innards (except for the heating system) all go into the dishwasher. The process is, indeed, easy, the result is aesthetically pleasing, and the oil's life is greatly extended. This unit is less pricy than the DeLonghi, but still not cheap. However, it is regularly available for half price at one store or another in Toronto. I can't remember what I paid, but it was much less than $100. Because it is so easy to maintain, I have used it more often, and more creatively, than previous fryers.

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          Hi embee - glad to have stumbled on your post. My sister-in-law has asked for a Tefal deep fryer for Christmas this year - any thoughts as to who has it on sale in Toronto at this time?

          1. re: peppermint pate

            It's not something I've been following, so I can't answer your question. The unit is very widely available, and I have noticed it on sale at many different places over time. You'll need to look/call around. But it is the XMAS shopping season, and I don't know whether this would be considered a good loss leader or a prime gift item (and therefore, not likely to on sale right now). I got mine at Crappy Tire, who has advertised it at various good prices several times over the past year.

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            I used to have a roto-fryer and lost it in a sewer backup. Where are they still sold so I can find another? And yes, the %^&&^% window is awful in it.

            1. re: exvaxman

              I don't know were you are, so can only suggest you search on the net. In Toronto/Montreal, I last saw it at Personal Edge.

          3. Stay away from Euro-Pro. Very large capacity, but it burns out and customer service is non-existent. You can get a warranty unit replaced, but the shipping charge is like $30.

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              I'm curious about your experience. I've heard many complaints about the Euro-Pro, which, at least superficially, looks very similar to the Tefal. Tefal gives dire warnings that if you operate it empty, put solid shortening into it (you must melt it first), or let solid shortening harden within it, the unit will burn out. I use only oil (mainly peanut).

              1. re: embee

                I use only vegetable oil -- canola or peanut. Never leave it on empty. One day, it just didn't turn on. After a very long involved session with customer service, I sent back the heating unit (with a hefty charge for "handling") and waited a few months for the new one. It finally came, and also burned out after a few months. And I only deep fry 4 or 5 times a year.

            2. Whatever model you decide on, buy it from a place where you can return it with minimum hassle and cost. Take home, add oil, crank it to the maximum temp and use a reliable thermometer to make sure it actually heats the oil at least close to that temperature. My fryer only reaches 350 when set to 375, and from customer feedback on several sites, this seems to be a common problem with many electric fryers.

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                  Thank you all for your advice, I really do need that puppy to be able to reach 375 or else I don't really want one..

                  1. re: King of Northern Blvd

                    Most important thing is to get largest capacity and most powerful heating element. A 2 liter capacity with a wimpy heating element that supposedly goes to 375 degrees won't help much because as soon as you dump in more than a handful of fries, the temp will drop like a rock and take forever to recover. I wound up with the Waring DF250 -- 1800 watts and nearly 4 liter capacity. (the Euro-Pro is 5 liters but junk). I'd love to see 2 gallon capacity and even stronger, but doesn't exist in countertop models.

                    1. re: sbp

                      I have had the best deep fryer in many years.....It is Euro Pro....Around $120, but oh so great, Wings, shrimp, & fish, the best ever