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Can you help me out NY amigos?

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  1. Zarela (2nd Ave @ 51-52) is very good - eat upstairs, concentrate on the food (not the downstairs bar noise) and have an excellent margarhita.

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      Eeeeeeh.....no. Used to be good, very good. Now deserves a 'downhill alert', amigo.

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        ok NYJ cough up a few of your favorites por favor....

    2. Arriba Arriba. Hands down.

      1. MAYA on 1st Avenue. Z best in New York.

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          1. De Mole in Sunnyside, Queens, and Coatzingo in Jackson Heights.

            1. Mexicana Mama
              525 Hudson St, New York - (212) 924-4119
              Get the Mole.

              1. La Taqueria 72 Seventh Ave Park Slope - real baja style mexi

                1. Pampano is easily the best Mexican in Manhattan.

                  1. people are really down on nyc mexican. but how are you going to put down red hook ballfields? thats so legit

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                      Red Hook Ballfields are not exclusively Mexican - there are central and south american vendors as well.

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                        The ballfields will be opening in two more weeks! Can't wait. The best huaraches in the city.

                    2. Tacos Matamoros at 45th and 5th in Sunset Park is pretty good.

                      1. Sorry, no good mex in NYC. I ate at a place where I ordered Carnitas and I got cubed pork chop. I mean how hard is it to make carnitas. All you gotta do is put it in the oven!

                        1. Had a fabulous dinner at Mole http://molenyc.com/ . Many unusual special to try. Favorites included Meat cooked in Cactus leaves, The Mother in Law's mole imported from Mexico City, tamales, Huitlacoche quesadillas... Everything was superb. Caught the happy hour Magaritas too. Yum! The owners were there and we had a top notch Mexican food Experience. I mean it when I say experience. Not your standard throw on a place stack of basics... each dish was really tasty. Recommend trying many different dishes to fully enjoy the scope of this restaurant. 205 Allen Street right by the subway stop at East Houston.

                          1. Being from the West Coast, I always thought there was no good Mexican in NYC. However, over the past ten years the New York Mexican population has grown tremendously. I now live in Sunset Park, and the food is great. The best of our meals have been at Santaguito (6220 5th Ave--mole enchiladas, tinga flautas, huitlacoche quesadillas)) and at a restaurant whose awning says 'Speedy's Place' but whose menu says something totally different (4th Ave between 59th and 60th--enfrijoladas, tamales). Both places are very minimal, low-key, and not very fluent in English, though you can manage with a little pointing and some good humor if your Spanish isn't up to speed. Tulcingo's and El Jarocho on 5th Ave near 56th are also both very decent. Well worth a trip from outside Sunset. The food is mostly Oaxacan, though there are some folks from Puebla as well. Don't order burritos--most places don't really know what they are, and you'll eat much better ordering traditional Mexican dishes.

                            1. Are there any great new additions to the NY- Mexican scene? Seems the NY RAZA population is growing by leaps and bounds. Lot's of good Taco trucks are popping up all over the island of Manhattan, what about actual joints?

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                                  Taqueria Coatzingo in Elmhurst/Jackson Heights is the best Mexican place I've ever been to in New York. Its combination of culinary sophistication, warm atmosphere and low prices leaves little to be desired. Go for the daily specials posted on the tables. (It really helps to bring a Spanish dictionary.)