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Dec 13, 2007 04:08 PM

Snowy Day=baking + cooking?

I know I'm not alone here. As soon as I hear snow in the forecast I pull out the yeast and start baking. In Westchester county, N.Y. we had a snow day and I baked a whole wheat cheddar bread and cooked a chicken casserole. What do you cook/bake on snowy days?

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  1. I do that too -- instead of heading out for toilet paper and milk, I make sure I have flour, butter, sugar. I tend to bake cozy, comforting things, like breads or brownies or roast a chicken etc -- projects that will taste good and let me curl up with a book, too.

    1. A long commute home and shoveling 2x yesterday prevented any baking or cooking - except a basic dinner. With the upcoming storm this weekend, however, I hope to get some type of baking in. I also love to cook things that take a long time - stovetop braising, roasting, etc. A pot roast might be in order for Sunday's dinner. :-)

      1. We are expecting nasty weather this weekend here in DC...rain, snow, ice..all up in the air. I tend to go to stews and soups. I have already done a 7 bean soup and braised Moroccan beef. I am leaning towards something chicken like a coq au vin but can't rule out jambalaya or red beans and rice. I need something that can freeze well. I have tomorrow morning to decide and shop.

        1. It's sunny here and the backyard is full of weeds I KNOW I should pull before they get larger, but what I really want to do is bake Christmas cookies.

          1. I always cook/bake on snowy days----anything that strikes my fancy and I happen to have the ingredients on hand for. I usually try to avoid the supermarkets when snow is called for since they are usually jam packed with crazy people stocking up on all kinds of 'can't live withouts'. I never understood this phenomenon, particularly since I live in New Jersey, the most populous state in the nation. What, do you think you'll be SNOWED IN? This ain't Alaska, honey. You'll be able to get out of your house....