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Dec 13, 2007 03:57 PM

Is a Halloween pumpkin edible?

I hope this isn't a dumb question. We never carved it and it's been outside. So first, is it still good? (no brown spots, still hard and orange). Second, is it edible?

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  1. It's probably edible, but it might not be very good. I've never cooked one, but one of the reasons that cheese pumpkins and sugar pumpkins are recommended for cooking or for making pumkin pies is that they're much less stringy than Halloween pumpkins. But try it. What have you got to lose?

    1. If it is still hard it is OK - you will be able to tell if it is bad.

      Can you cook it? Technically yes, but is it a good eating pumpkin, probably not. They tend to be very watery and don't have thick flesh. My son's jack o' lantern (carved Halloween night), had a very thick flesh, so I decided to give it a shot. I chunked it the next morning, roasted it, and it let out a lot of water, then took out the pulp, pureed in batches and strained like crazy. The result was fine, not great. We ate it - hey - it was cheap veggies with good vitamins, but it won't be great eating. It needed a lot of seasoning and was missing that yummy pumpkin flavor. I was expecting mediocrity, so it wasn't a dissapointment. Now the sugar pie and baby bear pumpkins we get from our CSA - those are good!

      1. I used to make pumpkin pies out of these very pumpkins years ago. They are a little harder to work with because they are stringier and need a bit more sugar, but are just as edible as long as you have a solid fruit that has not started to rot. You should remove as much of the seeds and stringy inside (roast the seeds!) and bake the pumpkin in large chunks with the skin on it until tender. It should be fine to use at that point.

        1. thanks to all for the pointers. I might end up just chucking it!

          1. Yes it is. Cut and clean inside, remove skin and cut in cubes if you want to puree it, and cook in low heat without water. I just did it today, i made a pumpkin soup. loafs of pumpkin bread and some just to enjoy with cheese. came out very delicious!