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Dec 13, 2007 03:42 PM

Local specialty cooking classes?

It's that time of year again and I'm looking for a good cooking class to give my mom for the holidays. She's taken and enjoyed classes with Kasma Loha-unchit and Ruta Kahane, and I'd love to find another series like these, preferably offered in the East Bay or San Francisco.

I'm also interested in one-time cooking classes. Unfortunately Sur la Table has scaled back their program and it seems you have to call each Williams Sonoma store to find out about their programs, so specific feedback would be appreciated. Anyone have recent experience with the Draegers program, which will be brought to the Blackhawk location?


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  1. How about a girl's weekend in Sonoma? I highly recommend Ramekins and what could be better than a mother/daughter outing that would include a stay in a B&B and dinner at General's Daughter along with a little wine tasting and shopping on the square?

    1. I bought my wife a series of classes for her birthday at Tante Marie ( - We loved it. It's very hands on and the teachers were great.

      1. Rosetta Constantino teaches classes on Calabrian cooking (the toe of Italy) in Emeryville. I've taken about 10 of them & love them.

        1. I've taken several one-time cooking classes at Draeger's this fall...the last 2 were with Joyce Jue, very fun and informative. They just came out with the winter catalogue, and the Blackhawk location has lots to choose from. I,ve taken both the lecture classes and the hands-on. The hands-n are fun, but I think the lecture (demonstration) classes pack in more info. Either way you get a meal and wine/bev out of it.

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