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Nov 26, 1999 10:10 PM

New undiscovered restaurant

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Can anyone tip me off to a really good as yet undiscovered restaurant on the Westside?
Johnathan or Tom, you must be hiding something in your hip pocket.

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  1. Good and undiscovered on the Westside? Good freakin' luck. You could always try the Isla Verde restaurant on Washington near La Cienega--not too many non-Eritreans know about that one--or the pretty good upscale Nicaraguan called Portobanco on Venice. I love El Sazon Oaxaqueno, on Washington Place, which is in many important ways better than the venerable Guelaguetza. Cafe Miro, on La Brea near 8th, is the great undiscovered Korean-American date restaurant. And the new, amazingly authentic Indian place you'll have to wait and read about in my Weekly column. What, specifically, are you looking for?

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      What you wrote was exactly what I was looking for.


      P.S. I have been wondering about El Sazon for quite some time but it looked a bit shabby and serves burgers too. I thought they didn't have focus. If you like it I gotta try it.

      1. re: Bob

        Forget my PS, I have had many lunches at El Sazon and do love the place. I was thinking of the place across from Terry Lumber just North of El Sazon. I have had fine clayudas (my favorite is cecina) and the tamales put Tamara's to shame.