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Nov 21, 1999 04:39 PM

Reasonably Priced Moroccan - N Orange County, S. LA County

  • k

Looking for a neighborhood/family type place with low - moderate price range in reasonable driving time from Long Beach.

So recommendations in Lakewood, Bellflower, Artesia, Hungtington Beach, Cerritos, Anaheim, etc. welcomed.

Thanks. Ken

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  1. Assuming that the big, sort of mediocre Moroccan place on Pacific in Long Beach is kaput--you would surely know about it if it were still open--and that nothing new has popped up in Lawndale in the last six weeks or so (Moroccan restaurants do tend to appear from time to time, and disappear just as quickly), your best bet, unfortunately, is probably Koutoubia, on Westwood near Olympic, which at least is a straight shot up the 405. And really pretty good, if not supercheap.