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Nov 19, 1999 10:24 AM

Planet Hollywood.......R.I.P?

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In Houston, I was driving along the fabled, glitzy Post-Oak Galleria area and noticed that the sign and lights for Planet Hollywood were gone.

Now, I've never eaten there and never have cared to. I'm just interested in what's up with the Stallone/Schwarzenegger/Willis empire, if it's still kicking around the country.

Planet Hollywood never did well in H-town anyway. Too much good food to be had at other spots (according to past Zagat surveys of recent times, people in Houston eat out more than folks in any other city........but obviously this did not extend to fluffy eateries from Hollywood).

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  1. I've read that they're in bankruptcy reorganization and some, but not all, of the restaurants are being closed down. I'm in New Orleans and they say they're trying to keep this one open because of the tourist traffic. A few years back they were expanding at warp speed and they must have overreached. I've never visited one either; never had the urge.

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      Planet Hollywood Burn in HELL! They are kaput, totaly and completely. And thank God. I had one of my very worst restaurant experiences ever at the Planet. It was horrible!!!!!!!