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Dec 13, 2007 01:56 PM


i need lunch ideas. anywhere, really. here's the deal:

i'm taking a first-timer to LA to lunch. i'm recruiting him, will be driving out from Burbank, and am open to traveling as far as the westside. here's why i'm dedicating a whole post to this.

1) i know plenty of great dinner spots, but don't get out much for lunch. some places vary from their dinner menus? hence... what are some good lunch spots?

2) i don't know much about this newcomer, and he's been very accommodating everytime i probe about his preferences. i have no idea what types of food i should lean towards... but i do know it should probably be a sit-down. i would much rather prefer to sneak over to langers... but that would be selfish of me..hehe... :(

3) ideally we eat in an area that will be convenient to, if not right in, a 'happenin' area of town. (aka: not burbank) to give him a good idea of what los angeles is all about...

a lot weighs on my lunch choice! need to convince him that LA is in fact, really cool, and that he should move here for work! he's a small-town boy so he did mention that he's not accustomed to seafood, but if you guys know a mind-blowing seafood restaurant for lunch, i'd love to convert him!

pleeeease... throw some names out here! my poor brain is stuck.


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  1. Hi... How about Pizzeria Mozza for a late lunch? Sit at the pizza bar and watch the show, talk business over a nice glass of wine, and dig into pizza and apps that can make a small town boy dream of re-invention...

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    1. re: silence9

      just called! earliest i got was 2:15pm. booked it, will cancel if i can't come up any other genius plan... thank you!!

    2. angelini osteria then to milk for dessert.
      lucques then stroll down melrose place.
      joe's then walk down abbot kinney and visit jin for dessert.

      (or my personal suggestion)
      you can do langers, get cheap medical work done and get fake green cards and a crack rock. smoke out at the park...

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      1. re: modernist

        the last option is likely my favorite! haha...

        angelini would be amazing. i'll see if i can squeeze in. this lunch is happening on monday, so i have just enough time to plan and make something good happen, i think. great recs!!

        1. re: modernist

          i'd do the crack BEFORE having the medical work done.....but like the way you think.

        2. You could do the Water Grill or Roy's downtown- both do lunch...and both do nice work with all things pescine, but also have turf options in case you can't swing him to the swimmers. Also, the trip downtown will give him only a slight exposure to the beauty of our traffic...depending on the trafffic/weather conditions, taking him to the westside might be a deal breaker. we recently had people from Missouri here for a wedding who, after 3 days of navigating in L.A., said our traffic was beyond the Perfect Storm!

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          1. re: Local


            must. not. scare. him.

            ... with LA traffic!!