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Dec 13, 2007 01:36 PM

East Atlanta Village

A few years back, there was a resto in E. Atl. Village called "Iris".....had a lot of promise, but alas was there in a "questionable" quick rebound n'hood. Anyone know of this place, and how it has made out....did it even survive? I loved the food, and ambience, but as I had a small business myself in the 'hood, I just couldn't see how Iris could sruvive outside of L5P or VA/HI. Any ideas?

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  1. It closed a year or two ago. Sadly I never made it there but it was on my list of places to try.

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      Thanks, rcburli. Sorry to hear of Iris' demise, but not surprised. The east village has a lot to offer, but I felt things might be a bit ahead of their time in that neighborhood.

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        I'm probably remembering wrong, but I thought the chef was now down at Serenbe.

        We know several folks who live down that way. I don't think it's that much "the 'hood." But it's kinda out of the way to draw an upscale dinner crowd consistently.

        I used to go a lot (pre Chowpup and pre Echo Lounge demise), but I haven't been to EAV any time recently.

    2. Iris closed...and so has the restaurant that replaced it after that. It is now on its third establishment...and its more bar/casual food than Iris was. The chef from Iris, Nicolas Bour, is now cooking at The Farmhouse at Serenbe...which is about 30 min south of downtown Atlanta.

      1. I never had the pleasure of eating at Iris, but I have only heard great things. The Chef, Nicolas Bour, is now at The Farmhouse in Palmetto, Georgia, as runningwithtweezers mentioned. Although it is a solid 45 minute drive from Midtown, it is definitely worth it. The $36 prix fixe menu is a steal and you can bring your own wine for a $10 corkage fee. A great place for a change of pace or a romantic getaway. It has a relaxed atmosphere, and the food is surprisingly light.