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Dec 13, 2007 01:03 PM

Capital Grille (moved from Washington DC & Baltimore Area board)

Taking my daughters there for Christmas. What is it like? Jacket/tie required? Any food recommendations?

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  1. It's classy, upscale. Has the feel of an old fashioned men's only club: No dress code, but you certainly wouldn't be out of place with a jacket and tie, especially at Christmas. I love their calamari with hot peppers app., and their sliced filet with fig (essence) and mushroom sauce (I forget what's it's called). They'll also do the lamb chops au poivre which the manager recommended to me (not on the menu) and it was delicious. Everything is good (and way overpriced). Their stoli-doli Pineapple Martinis are a delicious before dinner drink. It's Stoli vodka soaked for days in fresh pineapple juice, you'll see the big jugs at the bar.

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      i'm not saying the filet is bad, but i am saying there are much more interesting choices on the menu. the last time i was there i had a kansas city strip, it was a special, and it was killer. big flavor and attitude. a real man's steak.

    2. If you love good food in a bustling atmosphere, you'll love this place. Great prime beef!!!

      You'll pay for the quality, but it's delicious. No jacket and tie required, but dress nicely.

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        N.B. They give you a lot of food! So don't fill up on the breads, which are very good.

        The fried calamari is indeed very good. It's "RI-style." Cap Grille got started in RI, and they know their squid in RI.

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          I'd take a look over on the Chains board. Many messages regarding details and recommendations for Capital Grille.

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          The beef, while indeed good, and dry aged, is NOT prime.

        3. The dry aged porterhouse has a rich beefy flavor. Pretty substantial; you could easily split it with a guest. The sides are hit-or-miss.

          1. I think you'll enjoy it. I had a really good meal there and would definitely recommend it.

            1. the fried calamari with the peppers IS good. i had the ribeye which was pretty good. i enjoyed it!!!