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Dec 13, 2007 12:44 PM

Roho in Orlando; what's up with that?

Roho, the little place in downtown Orlando with the best coffee in town, was closed today. A coworker said they had a little sign that said "temporarily closed" on the door and their phone has a message that says the number is "temporarily out of order". Anyone know what the deal is?

It's going to be a long Friday without a cafe con leche. :(

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  1. I think it might be back open - I haven't been back to check but the message saying they were closed is gone from their website ( and has been replaced by a new site.

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    1. re: southpaw37

      I heard through the grapevine that it is supposed to re-open some time in October in the space where OVAL (Orlando Visual Arts Lsomething) used to be--Orange and ?Central? or close to that anyway.

      1. re: glowworm

        Don't be fooled glowworm. It is not the same coffee. The current owner is clueless about coffee. They took the concept from the original owners and are now trying to make a go of it. Really bad people. Karma will take care of them.

        1. re: cubancoffee guy

          I tried it out and I agree it is not as good as the old shop. The people certainly are not the same and they are stingy with the coffee (a 5" tall cup of coffee is only filled to the 4" line--consistently). Unless you are in walking distance, it isn't worth the effort to get there and find a parking spot. My office used to schedule "Roho Runs" (oh, that doesn't sound good :P) but not so much with the new place. Plus their posted hours seem more like a suggestion (several times they have not been open in the morning on Saturday even though they say they are).