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Dec 13, 2007 12:39 PM

HELP! Need dinner suggestions to take client and his family around Disneyland!

The kids are elementary and jr high age and all the restaurants at downtown Disney are booked. :( Nothing too casual, fine dining okay. Thanks.

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  1. napa rose? it is in the grand californian... try them.

    1600 S. Disneyland Drive
    Anaheim, CA 92802
    (714) 956-6755

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    1. re: so_hungry

      Tried that....they're booked for a private party. Thanks though.

      1. storytellers cafe at Grand Californian is pretty good.

        1. Right on-property is Yamabuki in the Paradise Pier Hotel. Nearby you could go to Mr. Stox, or you could go over to Park Avenue in Stanton (cool Googie bar, tasty chops &c.). There's The Catch across from Angel Stadium with tasty fish (it's the sister restaurant to Taps in Brea) or your choice of steakhouses on Harbor.

          1. We've done pretty well at Hook's Pointe in the Disneyland Hotel.