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Best Fast Food Breakfast Hash Browns

If there is one item guaranteed to be on every fast food breakfast menu it would be hashbrowns, and I'm sure everyone has a preference, So I'm curious, what's yours?

Mines leans towards to often ordered McD's, albeit at times I find it way too greasy. I prefer when it comes out crisper and not limp like it has on occasion. Burger King I have never been a fan of. I don't know if it's the oil the use, but for some reason theirs has always left me feeling kinda ill.

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  1. Do the ones at Waffle House count? If so, they are the best.

    My favorites are the ones at Del Taco. They can be too greasy at times, but I let them rest between 2 napkins while I eat my other food to help soak up some of that. They are almost always crispy warm and salted just right. I like them best with a mixture of ketchup and del scorcho sauce.

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      YES, Waffle House are the best! Chick-fil-a's are pretty good too, at least considerably better than McD's or BK.

    2. Burger King sucks for everything especially fries and hash browns!!!

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        I wouldn't say "everything." But I would agree that I find most of there stuff just tolerable. Although I do like their chicken items for the most part.

      2. Does Steak & Shake count? I like their hash browns.

        1. I mean if your talking fast food places such as McD's and the like, youv'e got to be kidding right? What's to like about a shaped/formed frozen hash brown pattie that is deep fried in a vat of used over and over again grease that comes out soaked with that grease??? Surely you jest. My preference is either home made hash browns or a coffee shop/diner that shredds up their potatoes fresh daily and frys the up on the grill to a crispy golden brown. Now those are hash browns.

          1. I have had very good hash browns at Denny's and at IHOP.

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                I am with you on Perkin's hashbrowns. Perfect with a omlette.

              2. What if you were choosing between: Arby's, Burger King, Carls Jr., Chick-fil-A, Jack In The Box, McDonald's, or Wendy's?

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                  Gotta go with Jack In The Box but I liked the old ones better, now they come in stick form....still good and I keep extra Del Scorcho sauce from Del Taco and squeeze some on my JITB hashbrowns..

                2. i like tater tots.
                  i can't remember who has them though, it's been a very long time since i had any.
                  "you gonna eat your tots?"

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                      Sonic has the ULTIMATE tots... love them! :D


                      1. re: Dommy

                        the thing about sonic is:
                        WHERE IS THERE ONE?
                        in california, we got the commercials.
                        here in boston, we get the commercials.
                        and we're always like "that looks so good! where the hell is a sonic?"
                        we thought they were fake commercials for the longest time.
                        we still don't know anyone personally who has actually been to one.
                        i guess i should google where they're at...
                        oh well.
                        it's on my to do list:
                        to find a sonic and eat there someday.

                        1. re: daylight

                          They're growing like flies. This doesn't help you right now, but they're planning on opening 30 in southern Ohio in the next five years. Your wait may not be much longer if that sort of rapid expansion is on their agenda.
                          Oh, and don't get too hyped up on them. Imagine if Burger King and Dairy Queen were married and had a child. You have Sonic.

                          1. re: daylight

                            I'm told that their marketing department ran the numbers a while back, and it was more cost-effective to buy national ad spots rather than local spots in the southeast/south-central Nielsen markets where they're concentrated.

                            Sandwiches there are pretty much fast food average. Their selling points are the drinks, soft serve, and a couple of their sides.

                            1. re: beachmouse

                              the cherry limeade is the best - and they have happy hour, where drinks are all half price. I like the kid's grilled cheese on texas toast, the chili dogs, and grilled chicken mini wrap. And the tater tots!!!!

                              1. re: jeanmarieok

                                Yes... The Cherry Limeade is awesome! They use real cherries! :D
                                I also had their limited edition Blackberry Iced Tea... Very impressed and I'm a HUGE tea snob...