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Dec 13, 2007 12:29 PM

Best Fast Food Breakfast Hash Browns

If there is one item guaranteed to be on every fast food breakfast menu it would be hashbrowns, and I'm sure everyone has a preference, So I'm curious, what's yours?

Mines leans towards to often ordered McD's, albeit at times I find it way too greasy. I prefer when it comes out crisper and not limp like it has on occasion. Burger King I have never been a fan of. I don't know if it's the oil the use, but for some reason theirs has always left me feeling kinda ill.

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  1. Do the ones at Waffle House count? If so, they are the best.

    My favorites are the ones at Del Taco. They can be too greasy at times, but I let them rest between 2 napkins while I eat my other food to help soak up some of that. They are almost always crispy warm and salted just right. I like them best with a mixture of ketchup and del scorcho sauce.

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    1. re: Velvet Elvis

      YES, Waffle House are the best! Chick-fil-a's are pretty good too, at least considerably better than McD's or BK.

    2. Burger King sucks for everything especially fries and hash browns!!!

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      1. re: callitasicit

        I wouldn't say "everything." But I would agree that I find most of there stuff just tolerable. Although I do like their chicken items for the most part.

      2. Does Steak & Shake count? I like their hash browns.

        1. I mean if your talking fast food places such as McD's and the like, youv'e got to be kidding right? What's to like about a shaped/formed frozen hash brown pattie that is deep fried in a vat of used over and over again grease that comes out soaked with that grease??? Surely you jest. My preference is either home made hash browns or a coffee shop/diner that shredds up their potatoes fresh daily and frys the up on the grill to a crispy golden brown. Now those are hash browns.

          1. I have had very good hash browns at Denny's and at IHOP.