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Dec 13, 2007 12:19 PM

noodle soup of the asian persuasion - vancouver prowl

some of you are familiar with my noodle soup obsession, and fmed suggested I start a new thread. I am heading to vancouver soon where there is no end to noodle soup options, but I can't be wasting my precious meals on average ones. ANyone willing to share their favorites for:
pork-based japanese ramen
vietnamese curry noodle soup
beef brisket noodle soup

if others have favorties they want to suggest, I am an easy convert


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  1. Asian Soups...there will be no shortage in Metro Vancouver. I would say the best ones are in Richmond right off Number 3 Road. There are really too many to list! For a noodle prowl, (if you are from out of town) you can spend days and days in Richmond trying out regional noodle houses (Cantonese, HK-Style Cafes, Taiwan, Shanghai, and on and on...).

    No analysis yet, but perhaps I thought I'd seed this thread:

    For Beef Brisket Noodle Soup - there is place on Cook Rd (just off No 3 Rd) in Richmond that I think is quite good. Hole in the Wall, and I have to see if I can remember the name.

    No 9 in Lansdowne Mall (Richmond) has a lot of good soups based on a pretty good master stock. I think they have the Brisket Soup.

    Legendary Noodle (Richmond, Main..and Denman) - I think this place is a bit overrated, personally. Popular, though.

    Sha Lin Noodle House - hand stretched noodles. Good noodles...their master broth could be tastier, but pretty good nonetheless. The noodle to broth ratio is a bit high (you'll finish the broth way before you can finish the noodles.)

    Congee Noodle House Broadway. (I may go there tonight...I'll post my findings on the Brisket, if they have it.)

    Taiwan Beef Noodle House - popular place. Taiwan style noodles. I don't have enough experience in Taiwan noodles to know if it they serve it "proper".

    Ezogiku Nooldes - Japanese Ramen. I went through a Ramen phase years ago. I really haven't indulged for a very long time, but Ezogiku was one of the places I went on a regular basis.

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    1. re: fmed

      I love Congee NOodle House.. I always just have the congee. must experiment.

      1. re: fmed

        Just back from the Congee Noodle House (and the Cascade for a few Strongbow Ciders...yah.)

        Same old surly friend's BBQ duck noodles didn't come until I was almost finished my congee. Oh was a Congee evening in Vancouver....wet snow and a wet, bitter cold. I had the Sliced Pork and Century Egg Congee....nearly perfect on all counts. Tender pork and nicely flavoured, creamy congee. I will try the Ostrich Congee next time I do Congee there.

        I tried my friend's noodles...the master stock was a tad bitter (may be getting a bit old and over-flavoured with BBQ ends), but good and rich. The noodles were nice and toothsome. They did have Brisket and also Brisket and Tendons. I may try it next time around.

        Intriguing is the Late Night menu (after 9:30) where they have some good and cheap noodle house exotica for $6.75, $4.25, etc. I have to remember to try this.

        1. re: fmed

          I randomly went to Sha-lin tonight. It was amazing so I checked to see if it had been written about and here it is. I had the beef and bean sprouts dragging noodles in soup. The beef was flavorful and the hand made noodles were pretty close to perfect. I was full but had to try the steamed pork and chive dumplings that were also fresh and excellent. The 40 seat restaurant had a 10 person line the whole time I was there- 8pm on a Sunday. After eating at Legendary Noodle I was surprised that any food fan could not be really happy about it, but now that I've tried Sha-lin I can almost see where that would come from. I can't wait to try Peaceful Noodle. As a Calgary transplant I am really enjoying eating in Vancouver...

          1. re: Mawson Plan

            When I first posted that re[ly last Dec, I had not yet been to Peaceful. I would say Peaceful now ranks as one of my top cheap eats in town. I much prefer their sauces for their hand stretched noodles over Sha Lin's.

            1. re: fmed

              Mawson, great to hear about your stellar Sha-Lin experience. We used to go a lot, and then the combo of increasing lines, uneven food quality and frankly the less-than-super clean premises put us off. We became Legendary on Main converts, which we still enjoy. But Peaceful now reigns supreme for low cost, always having a table for us (and taking resos) and great quality/selection of food. We've tried at least 20 dishes there and only been disappointed in two (one of which, the beef roll, suffers from inconsistency but is so good when it's "on" I'll still risk ordering it). Do let us know what you think when you've had a chance to compare... enjoy your Vancouver snacking!

        2. Also completely obsessed with noodles, so I'm worried that I don't know the answer to your questions (this is why I didn'y reply on the other thread!!). Please someone answer!
          My favorite is not very original, but I do love Legendary Noodles (Main street location is the only one I've been to), even more than I love Sha Lin, which is quite a lot. Pho always makes me happy, but I don't have a goto place for it.
          I like Gyoza King on Robson as well as the Korean hang out next door. I know Gyoza King has pork based ramen, but I usually have kimchi ramen there.
          I do like Cafe D'lite's noodles but that's mainly a convenience thing as its close to home, not sure I'd travel for them.
          With the holidays looming I might get some time to explore more, so let's see what else pops up.

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          1. re: waver

            Sha Lin is fantastic as well as Peaceful Noodles. Right now Peacfull is my top choice. It is about 4-5 doors down from Sha LIn towards camboe street. It is FANTASTIC.

            1. re: JWh

              wow, the pictures look great. There are so many things on the menu that I have never tried. are the mushu hand cut noodles made of rice or wheat?

              1. re: alex8alot

                The pictures inspire another prowl: Tan Tan (or Dan Dan)'s done differently everywhere. My favourite is from Szechuan Chong Qing on 12th and Commercial - very rich, creamy, peanuty and hot broth. Most places have thinner more sesame paste-based broth.

                I may start a new thread if I my cardiovascular system survives all this noodling around.

              2. re: JWh

                Off to Peaceful this weekend as a respite from last minute shopping. What's your favourite there?

                1. re: JWh

                  ok this is not about noodle soup, but we tried peaceful the other day.... very very good. The peaceful beef roll is amazing: chewy flatbread, fried to crisp perfection on the outside, filled wiht tender beef and a perfectly balanced sweet/savory sauce. Appanretly the dumplings were really good too, but I didn't bother. thanks for the tip.

                  1. re: alex8alot

                    Yes...Peaceful is great. We went there about a week ago.

                    My family was given great personal service and the noodles were amazing - toothsome and flavourful. I wanted to try the beef roll....maybe next time.

                2. re: waver

                  please share your explorations... I will be checking back regularly (read: obsessively). IF you woulfn't travel for D'lite's (I hate goofy spelling like this), where would you travel for laksa? I haven't had a good one in a restaurant before.

                  1. re: alex8alot

                    Banana Leaf has good Laksa...and (though I haven't been there yet...this is all from hearsay) I bet Prima Taste will have a good one. I may have some time to go to Prima Taste this weekend...but this visit will be reserved for the Chicken Rice.

                3. Pork-based Japanese ramen: Kintaro on Denman St. - rich pork-based broth (though just a touch salty for my taste), noodles with great texture, and really really (really!) good pork. There's usually line-ups, I think, but the turnover is pretty quick. They also have a sister restaurant a couple storefronts away that specializes in chicken-based ramen.

                  Vietnamese curry noodle soup: If you don't mind things on the sweet side, then Au Petite Cafe on Main st. is pretty good. Definitely get a bahn mi sandwich while you're there as well.

                  For your regular Vietnamese pho, I like Pho Viet on Ackroyd rd, Richmond.

                  Wonton noodle soup: Mak's Noodle House on Alexandra rd., Richmond. I also like their beef brisket noodle soup and their watercress congee.

                  For northern Chinese style hand-made noodle soups, I prefer Peaceful Restaurant over Sha Lin Noodle House. Peaceful also has more variety and personally, I find Sha Lin a bit greasy. Haven't tried Legendary Noodle yet.

                  Have fun! Report back!

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                  1. re: twinkienic

                    perfect. thnks for the great recs. denman is right up the street for us, not that I wouldn't go to ridiculous lengths for food cravings! I can't wait.

                  2. I have compiled a Google Map of some good, cheap Noodle houses in the Vancouver (and Richmond) area here:


                    This list is (obviously) incomplete...if it was, I would weigh about 2000 lbs. Please feel free to recommend some places.

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                    1. re: fmed

                      I've been craving BBQ Pork Wonton Noodle soup, can you recommend somewhere please? Pref close to Richmond Centre, or if you could tell me which bus gets there? - sorry, new to the area and still trying to figure orientate myself.TIA

                      1. re: aussiewonder

                        If you're trying to find somewhere easy to get to in Richmond via public transit, then I'd say go to Lansdowne Mall. There's a restaurant called "No. 9 Restaurant" and it's got some great bbq pork noodle soups there. If you can venture further, then I'd suggest Hon's Wun Tun Noodle House. It's just off No. 3 Road, I think. There's also a Hon's on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. Good luck!