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Dec 13, 2007 12:09 PM

Mexican Around the Graham Ave Williamsburg Stop

Looking for tasty mexican (not tex mex) - or anything else you would reccommend. Does not have to be too close - but would like to find options for good delivery - no matter what kind of food.

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  1. L to Jefferson Ave for tacos at the tortilla factory?

    1. Well, Graham Ave. around the L stop is still pretty solidly Italian country. Although Najeeb's just a few steps north has some good Middle Eastern food. There isn't any Mexican food right there, but go a few blocks down to Grand St., which has a long strip of Hispanic businesses, including some pretty good, certainly authentic, Mexican places. Well worth exploring.

      Here is a pretty recent thread on the Graham Ave. area:

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        The steam table joint on Grand that's across the street from Wombat and next to the new yupster bar (Huckleberry) is definitely worth checking out even though it's not Mexican. Cheap, rib-sticking platters of pernil, ropa vieja, etc etc.

        1. re: Woodside Al

          Yeah, Graham Av is solidly Italian (everyone coming from Teggiano, near Naples) and there are some solid red-sauce restaurants, but if you follow Graham Av south, a walk I haven't done in years, there's a sea change when you cross Grand and if you continue toward Broadway you'll see lots of tiny Mexican restaurants.

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            Thanks! My wife and I love Frost... if anyone has any suggestions of diamonds in the rough - much appreciated!!

        2. I just found out that a few months ago, the Village Voice's Robert Sietsema recommended Kiosco Piaxtla, 258 Graham Avenue, 388-2957, for Mexican food such as chicken tinga served in a handmade clay casserole dish.

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            Kiosco Piaxtla is very good. They seem to close early (8 or 9 pm). The chicken molé I had there was maybe the best I'ver ever had... definitely home made. I was with two other people who are very picky about Mexican food (if it's not authentic, they'll gripe) and they were both happy with their food (although I can't remember their orders).

            There's also a 24 hour place on Grand street, just east of Graham... a Mexican bakery in front with a full service restaurant in the back. It's close to the Graham/Grand intersection, a few steps away from the McDonalds. That place is worth a try -- I don't remember the name. See if they have the pork ribs available if you go. It's more like a funky diner atmosphere (whereas Kiosco Piaxtla is a little bit nicer inside).

            1. re: K2000

              The place on Grand that you are thinking of is Grand Morelos.

          2. At the Lorimer stop on Metropolitan is an amazing, very authentic mexican place called Yola's. Not much room to sit - but well worth it for the real deal. I love the enchiladas (with green salsa) and the carne enchilada taco's. It's located next to the hardware store. trust me!

            1. Also closer to the Lorimer stop is Elote. It used to be Santa Fe and before that was Hope and Union I think. Anyway, we loved it. They do deliver. I had the mole, my friend had the fish tacos. As to whether or not it's "authentic" I'm not in a position to say - but we really enjoyed everything.