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Dec 13, 2007 12:07 PM

Christmas dinner in Birmingham

Trying to help out a British lady over on TripAdvisor who will be in Birmingham over Christmas. She is looking for a place to have what she called "a traditional American Christmas dinner". Any suggestions?

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  1. Oddly enough, in our household we eat what she probably eats normally at home: beef roast and Yorkshire pudding. Of course, that's probably due to my British-Canadian mother.

    Seriously though, is there a "traditional American Christmas dinner?" Ham? Turkey? Standing rib roast? Maybe someone can hook her up with a place that serves turducken.

    1. Today's Birmingham News had a column about Christmas dinners, but noted that most restaurants will be closed that day. The two dinner options it mentioned both were for prepared foods to eat at home. Here's the column:

      That will be a problem for someone wanting to eat out. Growing up in Atlanta (my wife noted something similar for Birmingham), if you wanted to eat out Christmas Day, you went to the Jewish deli. But a pastrami on rye -- even with yellow mustard instead of spicy -- is hardly a traditional American Christmas dinner.

      I'll keep looking out and if I see something, I'll post it for you, dd992emo.

      1. This isn't somewhere I personally like to eat, but I know Ruth's Chris is open on Christmas. I imagine they have a "traditional" menu for the holidays.