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Dec 13, 2007 11:48 AM

KC - croissants for christmas

My husband and I start every Christmas morning with mimosas at home and filled croissants from Napoleon Bakery. Ham and cheese for him, almond filled for me...and of course one or two chocolate filled to nibble on the rest of the day.
So I'm terribly depressed about our prospects for this Christmas with no Napoleon treats to enjoy. Any suggestions for where I could find a good, buttery filled croissant for Christmas?
I live near downtown, but could be persuaded to drive. Good baked goods are worth a drive.
Happy Holidays!

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  1. Try Dean and Deluca/119th&Roe or The Pastry Goddess/I70&Little Blue Pkwy.

    1. How about the Pastry Goddess in Briarcliff

      I haven't been there, but I know people on this board have raved. And certainly close to downtown.

      1. I empathize with your loss of Napoleon - what a shame! I finally made it today to Barb's Kolaches in Shawnee after being reminded by the blurb in The Star yesterday. Not croissants, but very delicious and fresh. They have a type of Danish pastry that sounds wonderful that I'm considering for Christmas morning. They're only open until 1:00 and only bake enough for the day so they do sell out of things. But you can order ahead.

        1. I know this is a serious haul because you live downtown, but I'd recommend Wheatfield's Bakery in Lawrence at Vermont and 9th. They make these pinwheel shaped pastries with a delicate vanilla scented custard in the center, as well as almond and raspberry horseshoes, and many different varieties of all butter croissant. Actually, I think the croissants are too large and they really overfill them, but if you want decadent, well made American style croissants, they're it. We've bought the pinwheels and horsehoes whenever they're available for Christmas. They don't bake them every day of the week, so call ahead. Driving that far, I'd recommend making sure they make them the day you want to pick and placing an order to be held. They run out of all manner of items pretty quickly this time of year.

          1. One of our clients at work brought a big box of assorted tiny pastries and confections from Artisan Francais bakery at 119th and Glenwood in OP ( Tasty, tasty. No croissants, but the tiny chocolate tarts and macarons were highest quality. I can't imagine that the croissants wouldn't be similarly super.