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Nov 10, 1999 02:48 PM

LA Feedings

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Filing in from LA. Had several good meals, mostly at Japanese and Mexican places. Excellent sushi last night at Sasabune on Sawtelle...amazing albacore and albacore belly. Found great antojitos place out in Reseda. Carnitas Michoacanas 18507 Victory Blvd. Intense but terrific menudo...Very good 6 taco combo plate, including tongue and brains (the other white meat). Menu looked very interesting no time to explore further...But one taco filling I didn't have the nerve to try..."guts."

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  1. "But one taco filling I didn't have the nerve to try..."guts.""

    Well, assuming one is what one eats, that leaves you caught in a nasty Catch-22 bind!

    Thanks for the great report. Kinda strange (and understandable), Barry, that you're chowhounding all over LA but you still haven't gotten to that taco place two blocks away from your apartment in Brooklyn (after months of passing it and wondering)!

    I think we can all relate to that...


    1. Resurrecting one of the oldest threads I could find (this one is from the last millennium!), commented on by none other than the Original J.L. - Jim Leff!

      We've come a long way from avoiding tacos with "guts" as fillings, to devoting an entire month to all things offal...

      ... and Sasabune & Carnitas Michoacanas are still alive and kicking!