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Dec 13, 2007 11:21 AM

Cafe Adelaide

We had our Christams work dinner last night at Cafe Adelaide. There were severe service problems. First off, the service was extremely slow. It took at least 20 min to receive our cocktails (which my gin and soda didn't have a lime with it and I specifically requested one). Then the tonic in others drinks was flat. When we pointed this out, the waiter said they've been having problems with the tonic. Why serve it then? We put in our appetizer order and then had ordered a bottle of white and red wine. My boss tasted the white and then the waiter poured red in his glass with white wine still in it. I had to point it out to him, which he kind of laughed about. He only corrected this by bringing a new glass out. Teh appetizers were wonderful. We had the duck calas, shirmp corndogs, and oyster roast. The duck calas were very good with a lot of depth in flavor. I felt the oysters were expensive, 3 for $9, but tasty. Then a busser came to remove the plates, the lady dropped the knife off my plate down the back of my shirt. She told me that it didn't touch me, but I told her "yes it did" and when I felt my shirt it was sticky and all she said was "it didn't leave a mark"...I was dumbfounded...not even a sorry. The turtle soup was also very good, very meaty. So, then we ordered our entrees. They have a Revellion menu and the regular menu. We were all ordering off the regular menu. I wanted the duck but it was only on the revellion menu. The waiter told me that it couldn't be ordered seperate, but I asked him to ask the chef if he could make an exception, which he did. The duck was overcooked but it had a lot of flavor and I loved the cripsy skin on it. The dirty rice it was served with was okay, I wouldn' t call it dirty rice however. Our second bottles of wine took about 20 minutes to come out and our wine glasses were left unfilled most of the dinner. The desserts were pretty good. We had a cheesecake, trio of ice creams (brandy milk punch, creole cream cheese, and chocolate (was supposed to have been strawberry, but didn't realize we got the wrong one until this morning)), and the cheese plate. The cheese plate was off balance with 2 blues and one soft cheese. I asked the waiter about the orgin of the cheese and he couldn't tell me. Overall, the food was outstanding, but the service was very amateurish. The group I was with is a very fun and lively group so the evening was saved by that, but if I were on a date or with a smaller group the service would have made it a pretty bad experience. Being a Commander's sister restaurant, I expected much better service. It was just sloppy. The decor could also use a little help.

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  1. I agree totally with your review. I almost NEVER eat dinner here because of the ridiculous service. That being said- I plop myself at the bar at least once a week for the food, cause it's great. Those corndog shrimp are out of this world and the foie gras "butter" that comes with the calas is maybe the best thing I've ever eaten. I just saw they had an ad on craigslist (of all places) for help- that may be the problem.

    1. I had dinner there on Thursday night with a small group, and you hit the nail on the head: the service was, in fact, a disaster, but the food was great, specifically the appetizers. I had the duck on the regular menu and asked for it to be at least cooked through (sorry, not a fan of raw duck here) and it came out bleeding. We didn't have forks. Our appetizers were delivered in two rounds, so some sat waiting and waiting while others felt guilty about eating their food. We were served diet soda when we asked for regular. It was a night of mishaps, and I'm not even 100% sure if the food saved it. I will probably take a recommendation from below and sit at the bar next time.

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        I ate in the Swizzle Stick Bar last night off of the dinner menu, and I have to say that after hearing the comments about the service, the bar is the way to go. The service was still not great, but it was easily overlooked in favor of the food.

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