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Dec 13, 2007 11:17 AM

Eggnog anywhere?

Hi, Chowhounds,

I work on the Mall near Penn Quarter and am looking for a fun restaurant that serves eggnog at lunch. If there's nothing to be found, the group is happy to switch to dinner and travel out a bit further, while keeping to the Red Line. Recommendations?

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  1. In the past they have served "holiday" drinks at Tryst in Adams Morgan. I remember for sure that they had hot toddys and quite possibly egg nog. You might want to give them a call to see.

    1. In our increasingly litigious society, I would be surprised to find any restaurant making eggnog. I can't even get a real caeser salad. You may have to make your own...

      1. Equinox is doing an eggnog happy hour on Tuesday nights from 5 to 7 with eggnog-based cocktails and free bar snacks from the kitchen.